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Online claims in 10 easy steps | Travel Insurance Direct

We hope you've had a great trip, but if you do unfortunately have to make a claim, the easiest way to do so is online. Below the Travel Insurance Direct team shows you how:

Step 1 - Log in!

Log in with your email address and TID password you used when you bought your policy, whichever you chose - The Basics, The Works, or Annual Multi Trip.

Login into your account

Step 2 - Start your claim

Once you have logged in, select Claims from the menu and then 'Make a new claim'

You can make a new claim when you login

Step 3 - Answer a couple of questions about what happened

The first few questions allow us to understand what type of claim you'll be making, which makes it easier later on. Once you've answered these questions, click 'Continue to the next step'.

Answer a few questions as the first step

We then ask you when, where and who it happened to.

Step 4 - Now describe what happened

Tell us in your own words what happened. Please describe this in as much detail as you can, as the more details you give us the easier it'll be for us to assess your claim as fast as possible.

Tell us what happened

Step 5 - Questions specific to your claim

The next questions are specifically about your claim. As you answer them, we'll advise you of what exact documents you'll need to provide to support your claim.

Example: for a baggage claim we might ask:

You can list items to claim

Step 6 - Now list the expenses you are claiming

We ask you to list any expenses you are claiming for one at a time. The type of claim will determine what type of expenses you are able to list.

Add your expenses one at a time and build up a list of the expenses you are claiming.


List all the expenses you need to claim

Step 7 - You've got e-mail!

We now understand your claim well enough, so check your email as we will have sent you instructions and a list of the documents we need. Gather your receipts and documents together and follow the instructions and attach your documents to your claim. Your claim has been saved so you can return to it easily.

Step 8 - Upload your documents

Once you have gathered your documents together, it's time to upload them and submit your claim. Log in to TID and return to your claim.

  • If you have the documents we ask for, click 'Select files' and choose the files to upload. You can submit multiple files for each requested document if it is necessary.
  • If you don't have the documents, we asked for you'll be asked to provide a reason.


Provide supporting documents

Step 9 - Review your claim

We summarise your entire claim on one page so you can review it before you submit it.

Step 10 - Submit your claim

Please confirm your contact details and complete the declaration and then click 'Submit'.

And you're done.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Need a hand?

Our Customer Service team is always available to help you to understand the policy, and, and what the policy offers cover for . Our TID travel safety team work to keep customers informed and publish information on major travel events on our website.

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Last updated: 18 October 2023

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