What supporting documents will I need?

With online claims we don't ask for any documents that we really don't need. So the best way to find out exactly what documents we do need in your specific circumstances is to start an online claim. Your answers to the questions we ask you about your claim determine what documents you'll need to provide.

As a general rule, we need up to four different types of documentation:

  • Receipts or Invoices

    Proof of purchase or ownership for any expenses or items you are claiming for.

  • Proof of Travel

    We need this to confirm the dates and location of your travel. (e.g. itinerary, ticket bookings, hotel confirmations)

  • Official Reports

    To verify the facts of your claim, we need to independently verify what happened on your claim. This means that if something is stolen,you must report it to the police. If you lose something at your hotel, report it to the hotel. If you are ill, go to the doctor (or some other legally qualified medical practitioner). They can then provide us with independent written confirmation of the event that lead to your claim.

  • Credit Card Statements

    Where you have used your credit card to purchase your air tickets, we are likely to need copies of the statements.

All documents need to be provided in English.

Please refer to the PDS available on our website for further information about the benefits, terms, conditions and exclusions that apply.

Last updated: 30 November 2016

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