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Ski and Snowboard Travel Insurance

If you're planning on going skiing or snowboarding during your trip, you'll need to add the Snow Sports option to be covered.

Why do I need Ski and Snowboard Travel Insurance?

Tens of thousands of us go overseas every year to hit the slopes in the colder parts of the world. In Canada, there are entire Australian communities spread across the mountains, running the chairlifts and teaching in the ski schools. However, there is a downside to all of the crazy excitement and adventure that skiing holidays can bring – when something goes wrong, it goes badly wrong.

Every year, we see literally hundreds of claims for broken bones, torn ligaments and other injuries due to accidents on the slopes. And in North America and Japan, treating those injuries is expensive! If you’re off to shred some powder, add Snow Sports cover to your policy!

What does ski and snowboard travel insurance cover?

  • Snow sports and leisure equipment whilst in use is covered
  • Snow sports gear up to $700 per item or set
  • Snow skiing equipment replacement
  • Hired snow skiing equipment
  • Piste closure benefit
  • Snow skiing prepaid costs

There are things that are not covered in the premium, including your engagement with in any of the following activities:

  • Racing, bob sleighing/bobsledding
  • Luging, skeleton, tubing
  • Ski acrobatics, ski jumping, skijoring, snow kiting, snow biking, snow rafting
  • Ice hockey, ice climbing, activities on frozen lakes and rivers and any form of power-assisted skiing
  • and events that occur outside of the normal ski season for the resort

For full terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions please read the policy wording.

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Ski and snowboard travel insurance FAQs

What happens if I don’t take snow sports cover?

Your policy won’t cover you for any claims arising from your participation in skiing, snowboarding, dog sledding, tobogganing, etc. We’ll probably cover you if you have an accident building a snowman though, depending on where you build it. You’ll be covered for all other things as per the normal policy wording.

Can I add snow sports cover on later, once I've bought a policy?

Unfortunately, no. You need to add it at the time of purchase. If you’re on a longer trip and are only spending a few days in the snow, you might consider buying another policy just for those days that has snow sports cover on it.

Is snow sports cover just for medical expenses?

No. It gives you cover under many other benefits – for example, without snow sports cover, if you broke your leg and had to cancel a flight, a policy without snow sports cover would not cover that. It also gives you cover for some smaller things, such as compensation for piste closure; cancellation cover for snow gear hire, lift passes and ski school; hiring replacement ski gear if yours is lost, stolen or damaged (and the claim is accepted under the usual T&Cs); and for accidental damage to ski gear you hire.

Are there any snow sports that you don’t cover?

We don’t cover the following: racing; bobsleighing/bobsledding; luge; skeleton; tubing; ski acrobatics; ski jumping; skijoring; snow kiting; snow biking; snow rafting; ice hockey; ice climbing; activities on frozen lakes and rivers; any form of power assisted skiing; or any events that occur outside the normal ski season for the resort.

Read the policy wording for full terms, conditions and exclusions and to ensure the product suits your needs.

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