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What Travel Insurance Doesn't Cover

It's important to be aware that all travel insurance has 'exclusions' - there are some things we just can't cover you for.

Claims caused by intoxication


Reckless behaviour


Ignoring Do Not Travel warnings 

All insurance policies have exclusions. Unlike other insurers though, we want to highlight some of the things you won't be provided cover for so that you can make the best decisions while on holiday. If you are still in doubt, please don't hesitate to contact us and ask.

Reckless behaviour

Look, riding a Harley when you are drunk, high and don't have a helmet probably isn't the brightest thing to do. Leaping off a third floor balcony into the pool below might seem like a fun thing to do when you are 18 and at schoolies, except when you miss!

Neither of these events would be covered, even though there might be a travel insurance policy in place.

We witness enough tragedies as it is, so please think about your personal safety, your experience and your limits when you travel.


Crossing a street in the city is hard enough when you are stone-cold sober and have your wits about you, but after a bottle of wine or a beer or two your judgement is impaired, sometimes with serious consequences. If something happens and you being intoxicated is determined to have caused the incident, claims will be declined.

It happens.

When we can't cover your Luggage & Personal Effects 

So, you left your iPhone on a table in a bar while you went to the toilet and it wasn't there when you returned? Or you put your bag down beside your chair in a restaurant and it gets stolen?

You aren't covered if you leave items unattended in a public place and they get stolen, and this can mean anything from a beach, to an airport or an art gallery, to a hotel lobby.

Find out more about coverage for Luggage & Personal Effects

Thongs, shorts & motorcycles really don't mix

Firstly, while the idea might seem appealing, if you have absolutely no training and no experience at handling a motorcycle, what makes you think you'll magically acquire those skills when on holidays?

Secondly, while many travellers rent a motorcycle or scooter, if you don't have a proper license and have a crash it's pretty straightforward -  you're not covered.

Learn more about what we may cover for motorbikes

High Risk Activities

While there are lots of fun and exciting things to do when travelling, if you deliberately put your life in danger or don't take reasonable care then you won't be covered.

There's a few activities that we definitely don't cover, like hunting, racing (except on foot), mountaineering with support ropes, paragliding, rock climbing, abseiling and BASE jumping. If you're unsure about specific activities, contact us before you participate! 


This policy does not cover losses arising from government intervention including broadly imposed quarantine or border closures; that travel advice may impact the cover available and there is no cover for any events that there is a ‘Do Not Travel’ warning for at any destination. 

This is a brief summary of cover only and does not include the full terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions. Read the PDS before purchasing.

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