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Motorbikes and Scooters | Travel Insurance Direct (TID)

It’s no secret that Aussies love to rent a scooter, moped or motorcycle when going overseas. It can be a really fun experience, and its cheaper than renting a vehicle. However, it can be far riskier than driving a car, as scooter accidents can result in an extended stay in a hospital and a hefty medical bill.

With this in mind you need to always ride cautiously and consider travel insurance just in case you’re involved in an accident or are injured. It goes without saying that you need to wear a helmet and use appropriate clothing, give way to larger vehicles, and watch out for potholes and other hazards on the road.

Before you hit the road, there are a few things about TID policy coverage when riding a scooter, moped or motorcycle that you need to know. Read below.

Coverage available on the following plans:

Coverage available on the following plans:

Domestic Comprehensive Overseas Insurance (The Works) Budget Overseas Insurance (The Basics) Annual Multi-trip
Available Available Available Available

What's covered?

  • Medical evacuation to the nearest facility for treatment

Remember: terms, conditions, limits and exclusions to coverage will apply so read your Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) carefully for full details. 

What should I be aware of when riding a scooter, motorcycle or moped?

While TID does offer cover for riding a scooter, moped or motorcycle, there are some conditions you need to make sure you’ve ticked all of the boxes for before you head off into the sunset. These include:

  • Your motorbike, motorcycle, moped or motor scooter must not have an engine capacity greater than 250cc. 
  • You must wear a helmet at all times when riding.
  • You must hold an unrestricted motorcycle license that is valid in your destination and also valid in in your country of residence.

What's not covered?

We will not pay for any claims arising from:

  • Risky or reckless behaviour – and that includes doing anything that could pose a risk to your personal safety, like not wearing a helmet or following road rules.
  • Riding without an appropriate license that's valid in the destination where you're riding and in Australia.  
  • Racing or professional sports, i.e., you are receiving a wage, salary, or appearance fee for training for or participating in the activity.
  • Travelling somewhere against ‘Do Not Travel’ warnings – if there’s a government advisory against going there it’s probably not a good idea. For more information see the smartraveller website.
  • Riding under the influence – being intoxicated while riding a motorcycle is illegal and not only can affect any claims you may make but can put at risk your life and those who are diving with you.  
  • Riding a motorcycle with an engine capacity great than 250cc
  • Riding all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and quad bikes 

Handy tips before you go riding a scooter, moped, or motorcycle:

  • When visiting countries like Bali and Thailand tourists often drive scooters and motorbikes without a valid licence. Not only can this get you into legal trouble, but without a valid driver’s licence, you may not be covered if you have an accident.
  • Unlike with renting a car, when renting a motorcycle, scooter or moped, travel insurance will not cover the rental vehicle excess if you have an accident. This means any damages to your vehicle are paid directly out-of-pocket. TID only offers rental vehicle excess cover for four-wheeled vehicles. Terms and conditions, limitations, and exclusions apply.
  • The required driver’s licence can vary between countries. Some countries only require a valid Australian motor vehicle licence, while in others, you can get a local licence once you arrive. However, some destinations, like Vietnam require you to have both.
  • Check any scooter or motorcycle equipment you hire before you use it. If it looks or sounds wrong, raise it with the hire company.

Around the clock emergency assistance when you need it the most

If your scooter adventure trip goes off the rails, our Emergency Assistance Team are on call 24/7 to help get you back on track. The EA team are available 24/7 to help in any kind of medical emergency, and ready to answer urgent questions.

Get a quote to get your next domestic or international adventure underway today.

FAQs for travellers looking to hit the road on a scooter or motorbike

Q. Is riding a motorcycle, scooter or moped considered a high risk activity?

No. While riding a scooter, motorcycle or moped is not considered a high risk activity you still need to make sure you take all the appropriate measures when riding and you have read your PDS carefully, so you know what you’re covered for. There are a few activities that we consider high risk and definitely don't cover, like hunting, racing (except on foot), mountaineering with support ropes, paragliding, rock climbing, abseiling and BASE jumping. If you're unsure about specific activities, contact us before you participate.

Q. Am I covered if I am a passenger on a scooter, motorcycle or moped?

If you are a passenger, you must make sure that the driver has a valid driver’s licence in the country you are in, the engine must not have a capacity greater than 250cc, and you need to wear a helmet. Otherwise, you will not be covered. Also, there is no cover if you’re riding an all-terrain vehicle or quad bike, either as the person in control or as a pillion passenger.

The above features and benefits are a summary of cover only. Cover is subject to the full terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions outlined in the Product Disclosure Statement.

Last updated: 8 December 2021

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