Luggage and Personal Effects

TID covers your luggage and personal effects if they are stolen, permanently lost or accidentally damaged during travel.

Standard cover

You are automatically covered for up to $700 per item/set, but if you are carrying a laptop, iPad/ tablet, camera or video camera, the item limit is increased to $4,000 per item under The Works, Annual Multi Trip and Domestic plans/ $2,000 per item under The Basics plan. Mobile phones are subject to the $700 item limit.
Also under the Annual Multi Trip plan there is an item limit of $5,000 for your business equipment

A pair or related set of items is considered as one individual item and is covered up to $700 collectively or $4,000 under The Works and Annual Multi Trip plans/ $2,000 under The Basics plan if it is a laptop, iPad/tablet, camera or video camera and associated gear. For example, these items are considered one set: a pair of hearing aids; a set of golf clubs and the bag; a set of skis with bindings; a camera, lenses, tripod and accessories.

Cover for valuable items

By specifying your valuable items on your policy, you will avoid having depreciation applied if you need to claim. The excess will still apply to valuable items unless you have paid to reduce your excess.

Items above the $700 item limit can be specified under the policy up to $4,000 per item and you can list your camera, video camera, laptop, iPad or tablet for the original purchase value up to a maximum of $4,000 per item.

The combined total of all specified items cannot exceed $10,000.

When specifying an item on the policy, add the item's value, up to the original purchase price. In the event of a claim we will ask you for a receipt to confirm the value and your ownership of the item.

Cover for sporting equipment

Your sports & leisure equipment is covered for permanent loss, theft or accidental damage. Only snow sports equipment is covered while you are using it provided you have purchased the Snow Sports and Activities option when you bought your policy.

Exclusions for sporting & leisure equipment:

  • We will not cover loss, theft or damage to watercraft of any type (excluding surfboards)
  • Bikes are not covered even if they are specified and an additional premium is paid
  • Snow sports & leisure equipment over 3 years old is not covered for damage or breakage
  • Sport & leisure equipment is not covered for wear and tear including dents and scratches

Conditions of cover for luggage

It is expected that you will do everything possible to safeguard your items of luggage and personal effects. Some examples would include:

  • Locking them securely inside a locker or cabinet; or
  • Leaving them in your or your travelling party's locked, private room; or
  • Not leaving them unsupervised in a public place; or
  • Not leaving them behind or walking away from them.

If your luggage is lost or stolen you must report it to someone. Stolen items should be reported to the police within 24 hours of you noticing the loss. If any items are lost or stolen in accommodation or on public transport, we expect you to also report this loss to a responsible officer at the accommodation or transport company. We require a written report from whomever you report your loss to.

Exclusions for luggage

We will not cover any claims arising from:

  • Unsupervised luggage and personal effects;
  • A video camera, mobile phone, photographic equipment, personal computer or jewellery left unsupervised in a motor vehicle at any time;
  • Items left unsupervised in a motor vehicle or motor home between sunrise and sunset (local time) unless they have been taken from a locked boot or locked concealed luggage compartment and there are signs of forced entry;
  • Video camera, mobile phone, photographic equipment, personal computer or jewellery checked in and transported in the cargo hold of any carrier;

This is a summary of the cover provided under Section 14 Luggage and personal effects, and you should read the PDS for the full terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions that apply.

Last updated: 28 November 2016

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