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Travel Insurance for New Zealand

Before you go on your trip, get travel insurance cover here.

If you’re looking for fun destination with stunning national parks, dynamic culture, incredible hiking trails, and world-class skiing and surfing, and that’s only a few hours flight away, then you should head across the ditch to New Zealand.

TID offers a number of travel insurance plans to suit your travel needs. Travel insurance can provide protection if your travel plans change, or an unexpected event disrupts your trip.

What am I covered for when going to New Zealand?

When visiting our Kiwi neighbours, you will have access to several benefits with TID travel insurance. It all depends on which level of cover is best suited for your trip - The Basics, Domestic, The Works , and Annual Multi Trip plans. Some of the benefits we offer include:

  • Cover for overseas medical expenses
  • Medical repatriation and evacuation
  • Cover for lost, stolen, or damaged valuables
  • Cover for lost, stolen or delayed baggage
  • Cover for cancellation or trip delay
  • Cover for some Coronavirus-related events.

Medical cover in New Zealand and 24/7 emergency assistance

Yes, Australia does have a reciprocal health care agreement with New Zealand. However, there are some things it doesn't cover. Ensure you consider travel insurance for overseas medical and for medic al evacuation and repatriation. More information is available from the Department of Human Services website.

If you’re in an emergency situation, please get in touch as soon as you can with our Emergency Assistance Team. The EA team is ready to assist you 24 hours 7 days a week in medical emergencies. The EA team can help with:

  • Medical care
  • Help find the nearest medical facility if you’ve gone off grid.
  • Medical transfer to a hospital or repatriation to Australia where necessary
  • Guidance and support even if your loss may not be covered by the policy
  • Access to translation services
  • And many more.

Cover when planning a road trip around NZ

One of the best ways to experience New Zealand is to get in a car or campervan and hit the road. Whether you’re driving around the North Island on the Auckland to Wellington route or on a road trip with mates from Christchurch to Queenstown on the South Island, you’ll get to experience the best of New Zealand at your own pace.

TID offers cover for the rental vehicle insurance excess, or the cost of repairing the vehicle, whichever is lower, if:

  • you rent a vehicle from a rental company;
  • it is damaged by accident, storm, fire or theft; and
  • you are a nominated driver on the Rental Vehicle Agreement.

Note: For this benefit to apply, the rental vehicle must have valid comprehensive motor vehicle insurance for the period of hire.

Activities and sports injuries and gear cover

With so many great outdoors activities and sports to choose from, New Zealand has something that will appeal to anyone from casual weekend adventures to the outdoorsy types looking for the next big adrenaline high. Whether you’re planning a ski trip to Christchurch, you’re going hiking in Rotorua, or you prefer to get your kicks from bungee jumping, you can be covered for a wide range of sports and activities.

If something goes wrong and you injure yourself, a TID policy may be able to help with medical assistance, evacuation, and in the worst-case scenario, repatriation back home if medically necessary and approved by us.

If you’ve decided to travel with your own surfboard, skis, or scuba diving equipment, there’s cover (benefit limits apply) on The Works and Annual Multi Trip plans to hire replacement equipment if your own is accidentally lost, delayed or damaged during your trip.

Natural disaster cover

It’s no secret that New Zealand is prone to natural disasters such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. If your trip around NZ doesn’t go to plan due to a severe weather event or natural disaster TID can offer cover if your trip is cancelled or delayed (whichever is the lesser of the two costs). 

As long as you purchased your policy prior to it being a known event, TID offers cover where you may be reimbursed for your prepaid, non-refundable expenses (like your flight, meals, or hotel) if you experience an interruption due to severe weather.

You can check our travel alerts before you go and keep an eye on government advisories for your destination.

Always do your own research for any last-minute travel alerts and check the Australian Government’s smartraveller website when travelling to New Zealand.

This is a brief summary of cover only and does not include the full terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions. Read the PDS before purchasing.

Choose a plan that suits your holiday.

Just like choosing the perfect destination for your next getaway, selecting a travel insurance plan to suit your needs may be just as important. We have four plans to choose from, each offering a different level of cover. Check out each of the plans below where you'll find loads of information about each one.

The Works

Our most popular and comprehensive plan, the Works offers broad cover for international trips including unlimited cover for costs such as medical expenses and cancellation as well as added benefits.

The Basics

Sticking to a shoestring budget? Our budget plan is designed for travellers who want coverage for all the important things, like hospital bills and stolen luggage, without breaking the bank.


Are you a frequent flyer? If you travel often for business, or have a few holidays coming up, our Annual Multi Trip plan could be for you. Made for globetrotters, your trips can be up to 35 days in duration and there is no limit to the number of trip you can take during a 12 month period.

This is a brief summary of cover only and does not include the full terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions. Read the PDS before purchasing.

What does travel insurance cover me for in New Zealand?

Here are some of the cover benefits available with a travel insurance policy.

rental vehicle icon

Hiring a rental car?

Cover towards the insurance excess if you rent a car from a licensed hire company and it is damaged, stolen or in an accident whilst in your care.

emergency icon

Don't like medical bills?

Compensation for unforeseen medical expenses incurred whilst on an overseas holiday

lost luggage icon

Taking luggage with you?

Cover if your luggage is stolen, permanently lost or accidentally damaged due to circumstances outside of your control.

cruise icon

Going on a cruise?

Hit the open waters with confidence. Our international policies automatically include cover for cruises so you can focus on the fun.

Compare all benefits
This is a brief summary of cover only and does not include the full terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions. Read the PDS before purchasing.

New Zealand travel insurance FAQs

What is best time to visit New Zealand?

The best time to visit New Zealand is during the summer months of December to March. It's an ideal time to visit the beaches or enjoy the many outdoor activities available, such as hiking and mountain biking. For those looking to go on a winter adventure, the winter months June to August will be an exciting time to visit all the great skiing and snowboarding hotspots.

Do Australians need a visa for NZ?

If you are an Australian citizen you can visit, work and live in New Zealand. You do not need a visa before you travel to New Zealand. If you are an Australian permanent resident, you will need a New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority visa (NzeTA). Before travelling to New Zealand, make sure your passport is valid for at least six months longer than your expected departure date.

Am I covered if I’m going on a cruise from Australia to new Zealand?

TID covers cruising as a standard inclusion, which means you won’t need to fork out for additional premiums. You may want to consider TID travel insurance if you’re going on a cruise as you could be in for a rough ride on stormy waters if, for example, your cruise encounters unexpected conditions such as you falling ill mid-journey, trip delays you hadn’t counted on, or if you need to be medically evacuated off the boat due to a severe injury or illness, the repatriation costs alone can be exorbitant depending on the location.

This is a brief summary of cover only and does not include the full terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions. Read the PDS before purchasing.

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