Cruise travel insurance

Our policies automatically include cover for cruises.

Cruise travel insurance benefits

Every plan has different policy benefits, designed for different activities & travellers. Like all travel insurance policies - these benefits don't cover everything, so make sure you read the PDS to make sure you choose the cover that suits your trip.

  • Overseas medical expenses on the ship and on shore
  • Medical evacuation costs
  • Up to $700 for formal attire if it's lost, stolen or damaged
  • Accidental death
  • Cover for over 40 existing medical conditions

Cruise cover questions

Yes, domestic cruises around Australia can be covered by a TID policy. Just make sure you select 'Australian waters' as your destination at the time of policy purchase. This ensures that if you receive medical treatment from an international doctor while on board, you can be covered for overseas medical expenses. However, there is no cover if you are treated by an Australian doctor on board or you have to return to port and receive medical treatment in Australia as they would be covered by Medicare or your private health insurance.

Yes, You can select multiple destinations when purchasing a policy. We have the most popular cruises taken by customers listed in the destination selection. If your cruise destination is not listed, select the countries you will be departing, porting and disembarking to be covered.

List as many of the destinations as possible, make sure you include the country you are departing from along with countries you plan to visit before and after your cruise.

Read the PDS for full terms, conditions and exclusions and to ensure the product suits your needs.
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