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Learn more about what travel insurance can cover if travelling with the family.

What is family travel insurance?

A family travel insurance policy protects you, your partner or spouse and up to six dependents under one policy and traveling with you on the majority of the trip. On our policy, a 'dependent' is used to mean your kids and grandkids.

Having everyone under a family policy means only needing to submit a single claim if your entire family is affected by an event.

The best part is, kids go free! Dependents can go on a one or two-adult policy at no extra cost so you may find value in purchasing a family policy for your trip. All you have to do is add yours and your partner's or spouse's details to begin.

What's covered with family travel cover?

Across all of our plans, the limit for benefits such as cancellation costs, out of pocket expenses, travel delay and many more is double the amount of a single policy. Have a look at our full policy wording to see the difference between single and family policies in terms of cover and the level of limits.

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Emergency assistance

If you need medical assistance at any time, our team are on call 24/7 to locate the nearest facility, arrange your repatriation if needed or find the closest embassy.

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Gadget cover

Our family insurance policy protects phones, cameras and laptops. If our limit doesn't provide enough cover, you can add individual item to your policy for additional premium during the purchase process.

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Missed tours

If you have to miss an excursion because of sudden illness or injury, you may be able to claim some, if not all, of the cost back.

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Cover for car hire excess*

If you're thinking of bundling everyone into a car for a mini road trip, our family insurance includes cover towards care hire excess if your hire vehicle gets damaged or stolen.

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*Not inlcuded in The Basics plan. This is a brief summary only for full terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions read our policy wording

What plans are available for families?

There are four different plans to choose from. So, whether you’re planning multiple holidays in one year or you’re keeping it local with a staycation in Australia, we’ve got plans that may suit you.

We have four plans to select from with different levels of cover.

The best destinations for families

Countries with cultures and climates far beyond what you, your kids and grandkids are used to will be both eye-opening and enriching for you all. But there are some destinations that are more suited to children than others. While it shouldn't stop you taking them to far-reaching places, these countries are generally safer and have more relevant activities for children to enjoy. If you're planning an active holiday, our policy automatically covers over 100 sports and activities!

New Zealand

A flight to New Zealand can take as little as four and a half hours and the country is considered one of the safest in the world. Hiring a camper van and driving round the islands, stopping at beaches, geysers and waterfalls along the way is a family trip favourite.


Known as the New York of Asia, Singapore is praised for its clean and safe streets. The mix of high-rise buildings and urban jungle will amaze children and this city is easy to walk around.


If you're looking for a wintry place for the holidays, many parents swear by Finland and Iceland for their safety. Icelanders often allow children to roam free, while Lapland is known for becoming a snowy playground with the promise of seeing the real Santa.

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Family travel insurance FAQs

Why can’t we add more than 2 adult travellers, even though we are from the same family?

Our policy only allows two adults per policy.

If we are on multiple policies, but we are one family travelling together, how many claims have to be submitted if it comes to that?

Depending on the event that has occurred, you may have to submit a claim under each policy, even if you are all from the same family. 

Can we list our kids’ friends as dependents on our policy?

No, dependents must be your own children or grandchildren. 

Can we change the name of family members if one decides not come and another decides to join?

Unfortunately we can’t change policy holders, however that family member will be allowed to purchase a policy of their own as long as they’re eligible.

What are 'dependents'?

A 'dependent' on our policy means your children or grandchildren who are:

  • under the age of 21 at the date of policy issue
  • not in full-time employment, travelling with you on the majority of the trip
  • listed as 'covered' on your Certificate of Insurance
  • For Annual Multi-Trip plans the dependent must be with travelling with the primary traveller on the same itinerary for cover to be available.

Read the policy wording for full terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions and to ensure the product suits your needs.

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All the different types of families

All the different types of families

We appreciate there are many definitions of a family, but our policy does have clear guidelines on who a dependent is. You can find out the explanations here.

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