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Travel Insurance for Cameras and Laptops

We've got your phone, camera, laptops and tablets covered.

Electronics travel insurance benefits

  • Cameras: Cameras, Digital Cameras, and Video Cameras are automatically covered up to $4,000* per item
  • Laptops and tablets: iPads, Tablets, Notebooks and Laptops are automatically covered up to $4,000* per item
  • Phones: All phones, including iPhones and Android phones, are covered up to $700

*On The Works and Annual Multi Trip plans only
For full terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions please read the PDS.

Electronics cover questions

All your luggage and personal effects will be subject to depreciation in the event of a claim. You can however avoid deprecation and have an item covered for its purchase price by specifying an item on the policy for an additional premium. When purchasing a policy you will be given the option to 'add extra cover for your valuable items'. For about 4% of the purchase price (i.e. $1000 phone will incur an additional $40 premium) you can specify and cover your valuable item without depreciation, up to $4,000 per item, $10,000 for all items combined.

If you have to make a claim and it is accepted, what we pay does not cover you to replace your item with a brand new one, as we depreciate for age and wear. Depreciation applies to everything you take with you including clothing, luggage and higher value items like iPads, mobile phones, laptops and cameras.

An excess is the amount that is deducted from your claim payout. Excess is applied to each event that leads to a claim. Selecting a lower excess will increase the cost of your policy. When you buy your policy online we will offer excess levels available – either $0, $100 or $200. Your chosen excess will be shown on your Certificate of Insurance. Make sure you note this amount before you make a claim.

Unfortunately you cannot specify a valuable item once you have purchased a policy. However if you are within your cooling off period you can cancel your policy and repurchase a new one with items specified.

Read the PDS for full terms, conditions and exclusions and to ensure the product suits your needs.

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