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Why should I consider travel insurance in the USA?

From the dramatic cityscapes of New York to the gnarly waves of Cali – you can pack a lot into a trip from Australia to America. Aside from the accent, the currency and driving on the wrong side of the road, the culture is not too dissimilar from ours. Except there's one big difference: America is over 15,000km away. If something were to go wrong, it would be hard for you to get home quickly.

When you buy travel insurance for America, you're not just covering yourself against things like medical bills and theft, you're buying peace of mind. Travel insurance gives you a carefree trip and offers optional extras to tailor cover to suit your needs.

What can travel insurance protect me from in the United States?

If you pick one of our policies, cover is provided for a variety of things that could happen while in the USA and elsewhere. For example, if your flight is cancelled, you fall ill overseas or if something gets stolen, TID can provide cover.

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Car rental insurance

Whether you're doing Route 66 or Route 17, the Annual Multi-Trip and The Works plans have some cover if your rental vehicle is lost, stolen or in an accident. For an additional cost you can also bump-up the excess, so you may be covered for that little bit extra.

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Whether traveling by land or sea, coverage is available under a range of benefits including but not limited to overseas medical expenses – onboard and onshore – lost, stolen and damaged formal wear or tech items (depending on your policy) and accidental death.

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Unlike Australia, America's medical system is mainly run privately. One night in an American hospital can set you back thousands of dollars! We offer cover for over 40 existing medical conditions and operate an in-house 24/7 emergency assistance team.

This is a brief summary only for full terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions read our policy wording

Travel Safe in the USA

Despite some scary news headlines, travelling to the USA is safe. Spread across 50 states, some parts of the country are more secure than others, with most crime occurring in more urban areas. If you’re travelling to America, take precautions and keep your wits about you. Some things to look out for are:

  • Customs: While Australian citizens can buy an ESTA quite easily, be wary when entering the US as there are strict customs laws. Read up on border protection’s restricted items and be prepared to have your finger prints taken.
  • Crime: Petty theft and pickpocketing do occur in some areas of America. Stay vigilant, keep your belongings secure and report any items stolen immediately.
  • Tickets: America isn’t short of concerts, sports games and shows to go to. If you’re planning on buying tickets, watch out for scammers who sell fakes or use the transaction to steal your card details.
  • Car theft: Reports of thieves stealing cars are still rife in the States, so if you’re hiring a car, park it in a safe lot and don’t leave any valuables inside.

Best time to travel to the USA

Deciding when to travel to America really depends on the type of holiday you want and how much budget you have to spend.

  • Weather: The USA is a vast country, with diverse seasons across all four corners
  • North: Comfortable summers and snowy winters
  • East: Hot summers and cold winters
  • South: Humid summers and mild winters
  • West: Year-round warmth with hotter summers
  • Busy times: High season in the US is in June, July and August, so most places will be busier during these months.
  • Best flight deals: The cheapest month to fly to America is usually February but watch out! Some places can get pretty cold at that time of year.

USA travel insurance FAQs

What can travel insurance for the United States protect me from?

Medical expenses in the USA are amongst the highest in the world. The average daily cost of a hospital bed is an eye watering $751.06 – and that’s just for basic treatment. Cases of Aussies incurring medical bills in the tens of thousands of dollars is quite common.

Can I drive a car over there during my trip?

Yes, you can - as long as you have a valid Australian state based drivers license, of course. Driving is one of the best ways to get around the States, especially on the West coast. If you’re hiring a rental car you're automatically covered for the car rental excess for $4,000 (this can be upped to $6,000 for an additional premium) excluding 'The Basics' plan. This means you can save money on your rental car hire. Details on car rental excess can be found here.

What if my stuff gets lost or stolen during my trip?

A TID policy can cover you for lost, stolen or even damaged luggage and personal effects. Details on cover can be found here.

Read the policy wording for full terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions and to ensure the product suits your needs.

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