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Overseas Travel Insurance

Heading overseas? Get travel cover for your international trip

What is overseas travel insurance?

When you book a holiday, it's time to start thinking about an itinerary, arranging tours and what to pack. You may want to consider purchasing travel insurance, which can offer cover for medical, cancellation, luggage and more.

TID's overseas travel insurance is designed to cover common financial costs or losses that can crop up when you're travelling. TID's The Basics and The Works plans cover you for a single international trip and is available for many countries worldwide. So, whether you're planning a trip to Bali, the USA or beyond, you can choose the right cover for you.Our Annual Multi Trip plan is available for tarvellers who may be making multiple trips over the course of one year.

When should I consider overseas travel cover?

Once you've purchased your travel insurance, cover for your travel plans starts from when your Certificate of Insurance is issued. This means if you've booked your flight and break your leg the next day, you could be covered for the cancellation costs of pre-booked and unused travel and accommodation. 

What does overseas travel insurance cover?

TID offers three international plans for travellers to choose from - The Basics, The Works and the Annual Multi Trip Plan. 

When you're shopping around for travel insurance, we suggest you check the cover on offer suits your needs and the activities you plan on doing while overseas. For example – if you think you might do some snow sports, do you need to add the Snow Sports option when you purchase? When you buy one of our overseas travel insurance plans, you have protection against a variety of stuff as well as some risks you've not even considered.

Medical bills

Hospital or doctors' bills when you're not at home can be in the thousands. If you're suddenly taken ill on holiday and need to seek medical attention, all our overseas plans include medical cover however benefit limits vary.

Luggage and valuables

There's nothing worse than realising that your suitcase, bag, phone, or passport has been stolen. With overseas travel insurance, cover is available for personal belongings and valuables against theft, loss and damage.

Cancellation costs

If you're travelling for study, or to a wedding, and you can no longer make the trip TID's cancellation cover may be able to help. We cover 11 specific scenarios where you've had to cancel for reasons beyond your control and offer cover in these scenarios for the cost of your unused arrangements up to the benfit limit

Rental vehicle insurance excess

If you're hiring a car on your trip and it gets damaged or stolen you may have to pay towards replacing or fixing the vehicle – our overseas insurance plans can cover the cost up to the benfit limit.

Compare our Plans.

It’s easy to see how much the overseas plans give you in terms of cover by comparing them. The Works plan is for travellers who want comprehensive cover and added benefits for a single trip, while The Basics plan is designed for those who are on a budget. The Annual Multi Trip plan is designed for travellers planning to go overseas on multiple occasions in a one year period. 

Comprehensive Overseas Insurance (The Works)# Budget Overseas Insurance (The Basics)# Annual Multi-trip#
Medical Expenses Overseas (includes Coronavirus)^ Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Cancellation Costs $2,000
with option to increase
with option to increase
with option to increase
Additional Expenses / Medical Evacuation Unlimited $250,000 Unlimited
Personal Liability $2,500,000 $1,000,000 $2,500,000
Luggage and Personal Effects $12,000 $2,000 $12,000
Rental Vehicle Insurance Excess $6,000 $6,000 $6,000
Coronavirus Travel Costs $2,500 Not available $2,500
Get a quote Get a quote Get a quote
^Up to one year from the date of injury or illness. Subject to all terms and conditions for existing medical conditions.
#Benefit limits are for a single plan.
‡The Works, The Basics and Domestic plans only cover single trips. The Annual Multi Trip plan covers multi-trips. If you travel as often as you like within a 12 month period, as long as each trip is no longer than 35 days.

Sub-limits apply. This is a brief summary of cover and does not include the full terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions. Please read our PDS.

Overseas travel insurance FAQs

Am I covered for Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

All international plans include cover for overseas medical expenses. Depending on the plan you choose, there may also be cover available for some other Coronavirus related events. Cover is explained in detail here

Does the Comprehensive plan cover extras like phones and laptops?

There is cover available for luggage and personal effects, which includes things like phones, tablets and laptops, but benefit limits vary between plans. There are also individual item limits and some plans don’t insure cash.

If you decide to make a claim, you should know that depreciation is also taken into account. If you want additional cover for valuable items, you may consider adding these under the "Specified Items" option for an additional premium when you purchase your policy. This covers you for the cost of the item in the event of a claim and no depreciation is applied.

This is a brief summary of cover only and does not include the full terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions. Read the PDS before purchasing.

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