Trip Cancellation Insurance

Cover for when you have no option but to cancel your trip

Where you have no option but to cancel your trip, TID pays for the transport and accommodation you bought in advance where you can't obtain a refund.

Travel insurance cancellation cover is there for those unexpected events that cause you to cancel your trip before you go or when you are on the road. Some of these events include:

  • A close relative suffers a sudden illness or serious injury
  • You or a travelling companion have an accident before you go 
  • A natural disaster disrupts flights to your destination
  • You're called up for jury duty
  • Your employer cancels your pre-approved leave (when you are a full-time employee)

Few of us ever imagine such things happening before we go but they do. If you don't have cancellation insurance, you will lose what you've already paid for flights, accommodation and tours.

For full terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions please read the PDS.

Trip cancellation questions

Your TID policy offers cover for unrecoverable costs incurred when you have to cancel any pre-paid transport or accommodation arrangements due to an unforeseen situation outside of your control. There is cover under the policy if you need to cancel your trip due to sudden illness or injury preventing you from going on the trip, severe weather (such as a hurricane or ash cloud) prevents you from going on your trip.

There is cover available for pre-paid transport and accommodation costs if you can’t go on your holiday due to your employer cancelling your pre-arranged leave (you must be a full-time permanent employee).

Read the PDS for full terms, conditions and exclusions and to ensure the product suits your needs.

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