Children and Families

TID covers your dependent children and grandchildren for FREE when they are travelling with you for the majority of your trip.

Dependent children (including your legally adopted children) or grandchildren are covered provided they are under 21 years old at the date you purchase your policy, are not employed full-time, are travelling with you for the majority (more than 50%) of your trip and are listed on your policy certificate.

Children will need their own policy under the following circumstances:

  • if they aren't travelling with you for more than 50% of the trip;
  • they are travelling on their own without parents or grandparents;
  • they are foster children, family friends, relatives or not your own children;
  • they are 21 years or older;
  • they are under 21 but in full-time employment.

Dependent children have the same benefits as their parents/grandparents who are listed on the policy and will be covered for medical, cancellation, additional expenses and all their gear and gadgets within the normal terms and conditions of the policy.

The policy terms and conditions related to pre-existing medical conditions also apply to dependents:

What's not covered?

Dependent children won't be covered for Loss of Income and Accidental Death. The Total Permanent Disability cover is limited to $10,000 per dependent child. However, if the child has their own policy then these benefits will be available to them under the normal terms and conditions of the policy.

New baby on the way?

If you are planning a trip after your baby is born you can always add the name to the policy later on. Please call our Customer Service team to arrange this for you.

Adopting a child overseas

If you are travelling to collect your adopted child/ren, congratulations! To be covered under the policy, your adopted child/ren must still meet our residency requirements. If they don't then you may wish to consider as they cover travellers from over 100 different countries.

Please refer to the PDS available on our website for further information about these benefits, the conditions and exclusions that apply.

Last updated: 29 November 2016

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