My gear is lost, stolen or damaged

Claims for luggage and personal effects are one of the most common claims from customers. Here are some tips to help you out if something happens to your luggage.
The policy offers cover for accidental loss, stolen and accidentally damaged luggage items however, there are conditions that apply.

Here are some guidelines:

If you have something stolen by humans you will should report the incident to the police and other appropriate authority as soon as possible as you’ll need to provide us with evidence that you suffered a loss covered by the policy before we’ll pay you for it. While we understand that this can be a challenge in a country where you don't speak the language and payment may even be required, you will need to provide evidence which confirms the incident in order for a claim to be considered.

If you lost it
If you lose something you still need to report it to the police or other appropriate authority. We understand that at times a loss may occur in a national park 3 days away from any police station, so once you return to civilisation, report your loss to the police.

On public transport or in your accommodation
If your item is lost, stolen or damaged while on public transport or in your accommodation, you will need to provide documentation which demonstrates you’ve reported it to the relevant authority, such as the transport/accommodation provider or police.

Proof of ownership and value
Provide receipts for the items that have been lost/stolen/damaged. If you don't have receipts, then provide warranty cards, the box that the item was in, the manual and/or a copy of the bank/credit card statement when you purchased it. If it was a gift from a friend, ask if they have the receipt or statement from when they purchased it. What we are looking for is proof that the item was yours, and the original cost of the item.

Excess and how they work
An excess will be deducted from each luggage and personal effects claim, unless you removed the excess for an additional premium when you purchased your policy, where available.

We may ask for translations of documents because even though we have many different languages in the company, we can't be across all languages. If you can get the translation done before you put your claim in that may speed things up.

This is a brief summary of cover only and does not include the full terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions. Read the PDS before purchasing.
Last updated: 6 December 2021

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