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Extend Your Policy | Travel Insurance Direct (TID)

For many globetrotters travel is an investment in discovery and broadening of the mind. When planning an adventure, whether it be solo, with our besties or with the entire fam bam in tow, plenty of us set off without really knowing which destinations we’ll find deserving of more time than others.

As an aside, sometimes we also find ourselves unable to return home due to unforeseen circumstances. It’s for these reasons that the team at Travel Insurance Direct allows its policy holders the option to extend their policy.

Extension allowances

You can extend your policy so long as:

The expiry date is the date that your policy ends, (at 11.59pm AET on the return date shown on your Certificate of Insurance) Sydney time, so don't leave it to the last minute to extend.

It’s worth noting that Domestic policies can be extended as many times as you like up to a maximum of six months.

Automatic extension

Your policy can automatically extend if you are unable to return home due to illness or injury before your policy expires.

While we assess your claim, this extension will last up to six months after the return date of your policy, or until you are fit enough to return to your home in Australia (or until we advise you that the claim is not covered).

Also, if you can’t return home before the end of your period of insurance due to your scheduled public transport being delayed or cancelled an automatic 48-hour extension will be applied to your end date. If the delay is more than 48 hours, you may be eligible for a policy extension, or you can buy a new policy.

For more info on how the Automatic Extension works refer to the Product Disclosure Statement

Accessing my account online

Log in using the account details you created when you bought your policy.

login to account

view your policy

Choose policy

Choose the policy you wish to extend - The Works, The Basics, Domestic and Annual Multi Trip

choose policies

Extend your policy

Choose the new date you wish to extend your policy to

extend your policy

extend your policy using the calendar

Pay and finish

Enter your card details and wait for immediate confirmation.

policy payment

Need a hand?

Our Customer Service team is always available to help you to understand the policy, what you may be covered for and any documentation you need to pick up along the way. Our travel safety team at TID work to keep customers informed and publish information on major travel events on our website.

Travel with confidence

Our 24-hour Emergency Assistance team is always available to help in any kind of medical emergency, and ready to answer urgent questions.

This is a brief summary of cover only. Cover is subject to the full terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions outlined in the Product Disclosure Statement.

Last updated: 25 March 2021

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