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Cover you may need before your French adventure
Travel Alert: Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to impact many travellers around the world. Before you buy, read the travel alerts and check for restrictions at your destination(s) as these may impact cover, or your ability to travel.

Why do I need travel insurance in France?

The Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysee and a countryside that is the envy of the world are just a few of the things that makes France a near compulsory destination for those visiting Europe. However, with industrial strikes, civil commotion and the constant threat of Baguette related injuries, a lot can go wrong on your trip. Thats why we offer travel insurance for France.

What can travel insurance cover me for in France?

Here are some of the cover benefits available with your policy.

cancellation icon

Unexpected cancellation?

Insurance if you have to cancel your trip due to unforeseeable events outside of your control (e.g. sudden illness).

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Airline cancelled flight?

If your flight is cancelled by the Airline for operational reasons we cover the reasonable cost of meals and accommodation.

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Don't like medical bills?

Compensation for unforeseen medical expenses incurred whilst on an overseas holiday

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Need a medical escort home?

Cover back to Australia if a medical practitioner requires you to be medically escorted home due to a sudden illness or injury that happens on your trip.

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This is a brief summary only for full terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions read our policy wording

France travel insurance FAQs.

When is the best time to visit France?

They say spring (April to June) or fall (September to November) are the best times to travel to France. During these periods you’ll be contending with fewer tourists and generally paying less for flights and accommodation.

What happens if my travel plans are impacted by strikes or civil commotion?

Travel insurance direct offers cover for reasonable additional travel and accommodation expenses for the cancellation or restriction of scheduled public transport services caused by riot, strike or civil commotion.

I will also visit other countries in the EU when I travel to France, do I need to purchase a policy that covers me for all these countries?

Yes, you do. If you’re lucky enough to be travelling to multiple countries during your holiday just ensure you list these countries at the time of purchasing your policy. If you’re unsure which European countries you’ll be travelling to simply select ‘Europe’ as your destination, this will ensure you are covered for all your travels within Europe.

Read the policy wording for full terms, conditions and exclusions and to ensure the product suits your needs.

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