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Why do I need travel insurance in Sri Lanka?

Unspoiled beaches, great surf and amazing food make Sri Lanka one of the hottest up and coming holiday destinations. However, with natural disasters, severe weather and the threat of curry related mishaps there’s a lot that can go wrong. TID offers cover for your holiday to Sri Lanka, so let us take care of the 'What ifs' and you get back to choosing your boating adventure.

What does travel insurance cover me for in Sri Lanka?

Here are some of the cover benefits available with your policy.

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Unexpected cancellation?

Insurance if you have to cancel your trip due to unforeseeable events outside of your control (e.g. sudden illness).

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Don't like medical bills?

Compensation for unforeseen medical expenses incurred whilst on an overseas holiday

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Airline cancelled flight?

If your flight is cancelled by the Airline for operational reasons we cover the reasonable cost of meals and accommodation.

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This is a brief summary only for full terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions read our policy wording

Sri Lanka travel insurance FAQs.

What happens if a natural disaster throws off my travel plans to Sri Lanka?

Your TID policy offers cover if you have to cancel or rearrange your trip due to a sudden and unforeseen event such as a natural disaster. You need to ensure you purchased your policy before the natural disaster became a known event

When is the best time to travel to Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is an all year round destination – If you’re visiting the west coast or the south coast, October - March. If you’re visiting the East coast or North Coast, then April – September is best.

I’m going surfing in Sri Lanka, does my policy cover me?

Surfing is one of the sports and activities automatically covered by your TID policy. This means you don’t need to pay an additional premium to go surfing! Your surfboard whilst covered for theft and damage whilst in transit, is not covered whilst in use on the water.

Read the policy wording for full terms, conditions and exclusions and to ensure the product suits your needs.

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