Travel Insurance Policy Excess

The excess is the amount you pay when you submit a claim. If an excess is payable under the policy, this amount is deducted from the final claim settlement/payment.

The standard excess is $200. You can reduce this amount to $100 or to $0 by paying an additional premium.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, an excess is payable per claim. So if you make 2 claims, 2 sets of excesses will be deducted from the respective claims payments.

It depends. If the events are related then it’s one claim (i.e. you miss a flight and as a result need to cancel accommodation and tours – that would be one claim). If the events aren’t related, then it’s multiple claims (i.e. you miss a flight on one leg, few days later need medical treatment for gastro and on the way home your luggage is lost or damaged – those 3 separate events would require 3 separate claims).

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