Buckle up, we’ve found Australia’s best road trips!

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None of us could have imagined the unprecedented events that have unfolded in recent months. For most of us, travel is now paused but that doesn’t mean dreaming and planning should be put on hold. Here is some inspiration for when we can travel again.

Driving from A to B in Australia is a must-do for any keen traveller. With the chance to see this beautiful place at your own pace, stop off for unexpected surprises and eliminate expensive air fares, why wouldn’t you want to strap in and see what Australia has to offer?

Better yet, we’ve done the hard work for you. Here are some of our favourite Australian road trips to tick off your travel bucket list!

Coral Coast, Western Australia

Duration: Five to seven days

As Australia’s biggest state, you can bet Western Australia delivers on the road trip front. While all great in their own right, there’s one road trip that’s hard to beat – the Coral Coast. This particular driving route covers 1,200 kilometres of pure natural beauty and takes you from Perth to Exmouth and back again, providing plenty of stops in between.

For water babies, a visit around the Coral Coast is a must. Along with unspoilt beaches and turquoise waters, the area is famed for its abundance of marine life. At certain times of the year, plucky divers can swim alongside whale sharks, dolphins and sea lions!

Exmouth, Western Australia. Photo credit Getty/Marco Bottigelli

The Great Ocean Road, Victoria

Duration: Three days is popular for many

Quite arguably Australia’s most famous road trip, this list wouldn’t be the same without mention of the Great Ocean Road. This winding coastal trail spans 400 kilometres, letting passengers soak in the beauty of verdant valleys, ocean-kissed cliffs and charming fishing villages.

There are chances to get up close to native wildlife (Kennett River is the go-to for Koala-spotting), sample local produce at wineries and fisheries and visit some of the country’s most spectacular natural sights.

Photo credit Getty/DLMcK

Red Centre Way, Northern Territory

Duration: Best enjoyed in four to five days

Tick some of the country’s most iconic destinations off your Australian travel bucket list when road-tripping around the red-dusted plains of the Northern Territory. Best enjoyed over four to five days, wanderlust-fuelled travellers can visit Uluru, Kings Canyon and the West MacDonnell Ranges. Here, you can swim in fresh swimming holes, visit Aboriginal Australia’s most sacred sites and walk among the area’s desert monoliths.

Coober Pedy, South Australia. Photo credit Getty/John W Banagan

The Big Lap, Australia

Duration: Take your time!

It’s time for the main course: the real McCoy. Spanning nearly 15,000 kilometres, the Big Lap road trip does exactly what it says on the tin – gives travellers the chance to perform one full loop of Australia’s circumference. It’s the ultimate road trip for those hungry for adventure and diversity, as the Big Lap takes you through an entire continent’s towns, beaches and major cities.


The Grand Pacific Drive, NSW

Duration: One day or a lazy weekend

Open yourself to a world of adventure beyond the walls of the Opera House and rungs of the Harbour Bridge by embarking on an epic roadie outside of Sydney city – more commonly known as the Grand Pacific Drive. This NSW trail stretches 140 kilometres along coastlines and through national parks and sleepy beach towns. There are plenty of opportunities to stop off for a swim, surf and sammie, giving travellers the chance to take in the region’s beauty at their own pace.

Photo credit Getty/Benjamin Lee / EyeEm

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