8 Tips For The Perfect Australian Road Trip

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1. Be prepared

‘Be prepared today and tomorrow you will thank yourself.’ It’s true. Put in that little bit of extra effort and your trip will be oh so smooth…well in theory anyway! When it comes to travelling we all know that there are many factors that can make or break a road trip. The weather conditions, accommodation expectations, broken camping gear…the list goes on.

Checking camping gear before you leave, throwing in umbrellas and ponchos and booking some accommodation before you leave can go a long away.

 2. Prep Your Car

Is your car going to go the distance? Let’s face it…Australia is a large country and your car is going to need to go all the way. Getting your car road ready, serviced and having a good set of tyres is essential to making it all the way to your final destination.


3. Pack Like A Pro

Do you really need all that stuff? Chances are you won’t use some of it at all.

Packing is key. There’s nothing worse than having a car so full that it’s a conscious effort each time you try to find something, like your fav bikini.

Pack then unpack. That’s right. Pack your bags and car with all of the ‘essentials’ then take out the things that you will be least likely to use. You will thank yourself later!

4. Charge it!

Remember to pack those trusty chargers and adapters for all of your favourite devices. It can be tricky to always have your phone charged. Using a power pack is a great way to recharge your phone on the go, no matter where you may be.


5. Paper is your friend.

Listen to your mum’s advice and throw in that paper map. Old school but there is nothing worse than being stranded between towns, no mobile service and no access to Google Maps. Following the blue dot and having the reliable voice of Siri to guide you is great, but Australia is a big country. Being left with no signal can leave you frustrated and not to mention lost. Always have a paper map as back up just in case.

6. Know your budget

Travelling by road can be expensive; all those fuel and food stops not to mention accommodation. Be sure to know your own budget and make sure it is on par with that of your road trip companions. Be realistic about what you will and won’t be able to afford to do. A little research before leaving will help your budget stretch just that little bit further.

7. The Perfect Road Trip Play List

Tunes are a road trip must!! Having a great road trip play list will make the journey all the more memorable, especially if you are taking a longer trip. The songs you choose to grace the speakers with will set the vibe of the entire trip!

8. Plan to Not Plan

The things that you don’t plan for are always the most fun! It’s important to plan free time each day of your road trip if you possibly can. That way, you won’t be locked into such a tight schedule. If you find a destination you really like, there may be an opportunity to do some extra exploring!

Images: Hupa Ibrahim


Kristie Murray is a TID Travel Scout, you can read more on her blog you.theworld.wandering.


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