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What to know when travelling in your younger years

Why should I consider travel insurance?

Are you planning a well-deserved getaway soon? Maybe it’s a trip to the northern hemisphere to chase the next big snow and ski hotspot. Or you’re heading for cocktails, beaches and hot weather to escape the cold. Wherever you’re going, TID can offer coverage for trips overseas or right here at home.

At TID, we know that when you’re a young traveller (Hi Gen Z and Millennials!), you want to let your hair down, explore unfamiliar places, and try new and exciting activities. With that in mind, at TID we’ve tailored our travel insurance plans to offer cover for the things you might expect to be covered while travelling . While we can’t guarantee we’ll cover every ‘what if’ scenario, we have a bunch of travel insurance plans that you should consider checking out just in case something happens on your next trip.

What TID covers

We’ve designed our travel insurance to help with some of the stuff that can go wrong, so you can focus on the fun stuff. Some of the key events we offer cover for include, but are not limited to:

  • Medical expenses overseas (for when you regret that exotic dish, or a sports injury lands you in hospital)
  • Additional expenses/Medical evacuation (for when you’ve had a nasty fall on that mountain trek)
  • Cancellation costs (when the unexpected happens and your trip is over before it started)
  • Luggage & personal effects (for all those funky outfits worth looking after, fancy gadgets, and sports gear)
  • Coronavirus travel costs (always handy to have just in case the ‘Rona’ rears its ugly head)
  • Snow sports cover option (for those that literally love chillin on the white powder)
  • Existing medical conditions (because your health no matter how young you are should be taken seriously) 

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Cover and optional extras for all your travel needs

Whether it’s a week-long trip to celebrate a friend’s 21st birthday in Thailand, or an overdue European getaway with girlfriends, some things to consider when travelling include: 

  1. Motorbikes and scooters: riding a scooter in the sun may seem like a fun idea until something goes wrong. There are rules and guidelines to follow if you want to be covered if you plan to ride a motorbike and scooter while overseas. For more information on coverage check out our motorbike and scooter cover
  2. Travel delays: the last thing you want is to be stuck at an airport because of a travel delay, and suffering from FOMO because you missed that music festival in the UK. Find out what cover is available and what you need to be aware of if your flight is delayed.
  3. Sports and activities: one thing you may have on your bucket list is a new sport, activity or experience, especially if the bungee jumping video on Tik Tok goes viral. TID offers cover for many outdoor activities and sports. However, there are terms and conditions you should be aware of around sports coverage. Check out our sports and activities article to get more info on coverage, terms and conditions, limits, and exclusions
  4. Snow sports cover: many incredible memories are to be had when hitting the slopes. But you better make sure these are all good memories and not bad ones that you would rather forget. TID’s snow sports cover could come in handy just in case your snow trip is put on ice, and you end up out in the cold. Find out which snow sports are covered and which ones are not, and what you need to be aware of around coverage.
  5. Travelling on a budget: TID offers several types of plans to cover for specific needs. If you’re travelling on a budget, check out our Budget plan option, which offers cover for many of the items you expect to have cover for such as: medical expenses while overseas, trip cancellations, and rental vehicle insurance excess just to name a few.

Traveller tip: Always refer to the Australian Government’s Smartraveller website for current travel alerts before you buy a policy, before you leave Australia, and during your travels.

Top spots to check out include:

  • Europe: are you ready to visit Italy after bingeing it on a TV show? Europe is a great summer backpacking and cultural trip destination. Some highlights include Spain, home to Ibiza, Barcelona and San Sebastian. Italy has plenty to offer in terms of food, culture and history. While Portugal is great for surfing, is less crowded than some other top destinations and is cheaper too.
  • Southeast Asia: not far to travel from Australia, cheap food and drinks, think diving in Thailand, beach parties in Bali, or onsens and the best Ramen on the planet in Japan. Overall, a great destination to relax and unwind.
  • South America: some gems to look out for include Machu Picchu, Patagonia, the Rio Carnival and the Galapagos Islands. South America also has a rich history with so many diverse cultures, art, music and s food. South America should be on top of your bucket list if you’re looking for a deeper cultural immersion on top of fun, laid-back vibes.
  • Canada and the USA: both are a must for young travellers planning a road trip. From sprawling national parks to big, exciting cities, you can have the time of your life in both countries. Let’s not forget they both offer top winter destinations for those looking to ski, snowboard and relax for three months of the year.

Feel like giving back to a place, community or project while travelling?

TID has partnered with the Footprint Network to allow travellers to make a microdonation to a cause. Join over 200,00 travellers who have already donated to a unique project! To find out more check out our Travel for Change page.

What's not covered?

  • Showing off won’t be rewarded: you may be a daredevil and like to take to things to the extreme while on holiday, but reckless behaviour or taking needless risk is not a clever idea. Acting like an idiot applies to all sports and activities - oh, and veering off the assigned track, or balancing on the edge of a sailboat, to get a better Instagram picture is a hard no.
  • The ‘go hard or go home’ motto is not a clever idea – being reckless because of alcohol isn’t a good mix. If you’re hurt because you were intoxicated with drugs or alcohol, then you may not be covered. If something happens and you being intoxicated is determined to have caused the incident, claims will be declined.
  • Always keep an eye on your stuff: luggage and personal effects that you leave unattended will not be covered, for example, like that that laptop you left at the table while you ordered another round.
  • Don’t go over your head: participating in activities when you aren't appropriately qualified, licensed or being supervised where required. For example, motorbike riding, skiing, scuba diving and rock climbing just to name a few.
  • For those exploring down under: any medical, hospital or dental expenses you incur in Australia. We cannot cover these because we are not allowed to do so by law.

Our Emergency Assistance Team are on call 24/7 to help get you back on your feet. The EA team can help in any kind of medical emergency and are ready to answer any urgent questions.

This is a brief summary of cover only. Cover is subject to the full terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions outlined in the Product Disclosure Statement.

Travel insurance FAQs

I’m a student looking to travel to study and for a holiday. Am I covered?

Travel insurance provides cover for specific events. TID offers plans such as Domestic, Budget, Annual and The Works if you’re planning to go overseas as a student. We can help with coverage options if your trip is cancelled or interrupted due to a natural disaster, political unrest, or a family emergency. TID can also offer cover for medical expenses if you become ill or injured while you are overseas studying. Additionally, TID may offer coverage for lost or stolen luggage. This can be a lifesaver if your bags go missing, are misplaced by the airline or if they get stolen during your trip.

Am I covered if I’m planning to do paid or volunteer work while on holiday?

Whether you plan to go overseas to do some volunteer work, or you’ve scored a pretty cool gig and you’ll be getting paid to work while holidaying then you will be happy to hear that TID does offer cover. However, you will need to ensure you are adequately insured as there are terms and conditions around what you can or cannot do when it comes to working or volunteering abroad. You can find more information here.

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