When does the policy start?

Instant Cover

One of the benefits of purchasing online is that you are instantly covered for cancellation (conditions apply). The rest of your policy benefits commence from the start date listed on your Certificate of Insurance.

Once you have bought a policy, you will receive a confirmation email from us that will include your Certificate of Insurance and a copy of the Product Disclosure Statement.

21 Day Cooling-off Period

You have 21 days from purchase to consider if the policy is right for you. You can cancel within the first 21 days by logging in with your username and password and selecting the option to cancel your policy. You will receive a full refund of the premium you paid provided that:
  • you haven't started your trip;
  • you have not and do not wish to make a claim or use any other right under the policy.
Once the 21 days have passed, the start date on your policy has passed and/or if you wish to claim on your policy, you will need to contact us to understand the options available.

Waiting periods if you buy while overseas

With TID you can buy a travel insurance policy if you're already overseas, however you should be aware that waiting periods may apply.  You should note that:
  • Once you've purchased while overseas, from the time your Certificate of Insurance is issued there is a 72-hour waiting period that will apply before cover for any events begins.
  • The exception is if you're injured in an accident, in which case even if the 72 hours haven't yet passed cover as per the conditions of Medical expenses and Medical evacuation and repatriation will begin from the time of the accident for that injury;
  • If however you are overseas and purchase travel insurance for a time more than 72 hours in the future, then cover under the Cancellation section, Holiday deferment section and events 1 to 4 under the benefit section Coronavirus travel costs, only begins after the 72-hour waiting period, and is only for any events first
    occurring after the 72-hour waiting period:
    • In addition - cover for all other benefits and events begins from the trip departure date you nominate that is shown on your Certificate of Insurance and is only for events first occurring
  • after the trip departure date:

Buying more cover or extending your cover

If you have an existing Travel Insurance Direct policy that will end while you're on the road and you extend it or buy a new policy before the period of insurance ends under your existing policy (at 11.59pm AET on the return
date shown on your Certificate of Insurance), the waiting period will not apply to that new policy, provided that there is no gap between the periods of insurance.  If you plan to extend your policy please get in touch at least a week before the end date on your Certificate of Insurance, to ensure it is extended without any interruption to your cover.

Covering Cancellation

Many travellers choose to take out their policy when they have made deposits on their trip or have paid it in full as cancellation cover is active from the time of purchase until your policy end date.

All other policy benefits are effective from the departure date shown on your Certificate of Insurance until the earlier of your policy end date or when you return home. (Under an AMT policy, all other policy benefits start on the date you leave home on each trip until the earlier of the date you return home or on the 35th day of the trip.)

There is provision to claim for the value of unused pre-paid accommodation and travel arrangements if you need to cancel your trip due to unforeseen or unforeseeable events outside of your control. Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement for more information about Section 2: Cancellation costs, its conditions and exclusions and applicable General Exclusions.

This is a brief summary of cover only and does not include the full terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions. Read the PDS before purchasing. 

Last updated: 23 July 2021

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