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What is Unsupervised Luggage & Personal Effects? | TID

When you're at home, you wouldn't leave your mobile phone on a table in a restaurant while you go to the counter to pay, would you? In some places in Australia, it may still be there when you get back, but chances are it won't. You need to be even more careful when you're travelling overseas.

We often find that travellers will be trusting and leave their gear with a stranger or under a seat while they check a train timetable, pay a bill or leave their hostel room. However, the plans offered by Travel Insurance Direct don't cover any loss, theft or damage to items left unattended or unsupervised in a public place.

What to do we mean by unattended?

Under our policies ‘unattended’ refers to the following:

Leaving your luggage or personal effects:

  • in a public place where it can be taken without your knowledge or at a distance from which you cannot prevent it from being taken; or
  • with a person who is not a member of your travelling party or working for your carrier or accommodation provider. 

When you’re staying in a hostel, dormitory or other similar share accommodation, you will need to lock your items in a locker where you are the only one with access to the key. If your room is accessible to people you don't know, then you should always lock your gear away. Unless you have a locked private room, don't leave anything on or under your bed and expect it to be there when you return. If you do and it is stolen, it won't be covered under the policy, as it is left unattended.

For a claim to be considered, there needs to be evidence of forced entry and you must provide us with documentation confirming you've reported it to the police, or the relevant officer if it happened on public transport.

If you decide to pack your valuables into your checked-in luggage - such as personal computers, smartphones, communication or photographic equipment, electronic equipment, jewellery or watches -  and they are lost, delayed or damaged, we will not provide cover.

If your luggage is lost, delayed or damaged by the carrier, report this to the carrier as soon as possible and send to us a copy of the property irregularity report, along with details of any settlement that they make in relation to the loss or damage. 

Traveller tip: make sure you always have the original receipts or make copies for any tech gear and valuables that you are taking with you or that you’ve purchased while travelling in case a claim needs to be made.

Are any items or bags stolen from my vehicle covered?

Loss, theft or damage to items left unsupervised in vehicles will only be covered if taken from a locked boot or locked concealed luggage compartment of a station wagon, hatchback, van or motor home during daylight hours and there is evidence of damage or forced entry into the vehicle.

Items left in a vehicle outside of daylight hours will not be covered under the policy, even if the vehicle was locked. Video cameras, mobile phones, photographic equipment, personal computers and jewellery are not covered if left in a motor vehicle at any time.

Key tips for when your bags or personal effects are lost, stolen or damaged:

  1. If something was lost, stolen or vandalised, as soon as possible after becoming aware of the loss or damage, notify the local police, transport provider, hotel, tour guide or other authority and give us evidence confirming the notification, such as documentation about the loss or damage
  2. If there were any witnesses, get their details and a written statement where possible
  3. In the case of an emergency, call our 24-hour Emergency Assistance team
  4. Contact us to submit your claim as soon as you can.

Additional cover extras and options when heading overseas

If you’re looking for additional cover for your specific travelling needs TID offers four options for you to purchase. These options can be added with payment of an additional premium, depending on the travel plan you select, and will be shown on your Certificate of Insurance when added to your policy. The four options include:

Get a quote to get your next domestic or international adventure underway today. 

The above features and benefits are a summary of cover only. Cover is subject to the full terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions outlined in the Product Disclosure Statement.

Last updated: 6 December 2021

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