Hiking, bushwalking and trekking

The policy will cover you for any sudden injury or illness (including altitude sickness) when you're hiking, trekking or bushwalking. You can be on your own or as part of an organised group.The following information answers some common questions from our customers.

I'm trekking Mt Kilimanjaro; am I covered if I need to be evacuated off the mountain because of an injury?

Yes, provided you contact our 24 hour emergency assistance team to approve and arrange the evacuation. Once you are transported to the nearest hospital, your policy covers you for overseas medical expenses and repatriation back to Australia if you need it. We can also pay the costs to fly a family member or friend to be with you in hospital and escort you home home in place of the attending registered medical practitioner when agreed by us.

The policy doesn't cover search and rescue costs or ongoing medical costs when you return to Australia.

What treks do you cover?

We cover most treks, however we don't cover mountaineering or rock climbing requiring the use of support ropes.

You'll be covered if you are raising money for charity, supporting a school or club or trekking for your 50th birthday! We don't mind why you are doing it as long as it isn't a race, you aren't getting paid to do it and you're not exposing yourself to an unnecessary risk.

These are a few popular treks we get asked about, and yes, we cover these:

  • Mt Kilimanjaro
  • Everest Base Camp
  • Annapurna circuit
  • Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail
  • Kokoda Trail
  • Mt Fuji
  • Mt Kenya

What's the difference between hiking, trekking and mountaineering?

Most operators will grade the trek based on the degree of fitness required to manage the length of walking each day, the different terrains you'll cover and the level of experience you need.

We expect that you are hiking or trekking to your ability and aren't taking any unnecessary risks.

Mountaineering will generally require you to use ropes, crampons and other equipment, so these treks require specialised cover that we can't provide. The Insurance Council of Australia will be able to refer you to an insurer or broker who can assist. Alternatively, contact the tour operator you are booking through to see if they offer insurance.

I have a lot of expensive hiking gear; is this covered?

Yes. Your gear is covered under the luggage and personal effects section, up to $700 per item or set, for accidental loss, theft and accidental damage. Things like your hiking boots, camping equipment, sleeping bag and Gore-Tex jacket are included in your luggage and personal effects cover up to $12,000 on a single policy/$24,000 for a family on The Works plan and up to $3,000 on a single policy/$6,000 on a family policy for The Basics plan.

We don't offer a 'new for old' replacement so if you need to claim, we will apply depreciation. We also don't cover sports and leisure equipment while in use.

Last updated: 28 November 2016

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