Why we love Fiji

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Bula, friends! Fiji is loved as much for its welcoming locals as it is for its stunning natural beauty – and there’s plenty for visitors of all ages to see and do.

Bula is to Fiji what Aloha is to Hawaii, and you’ll hear warmhearted locals calling out “Bula!” throughout your stay in this laidback island paradise. Fiji’s relaxed and friendly vibe is not the only reason Fiji is such a favourite among Aussie holidaymakers, however. Getting here is a breeze, the weather is balmy, and the waters are sublime – ocean temps range from 25 to 28 degrees Celsius throughout the year. Bliss!

Fun for everyone

Fiji is as fabulous for families as it is for singles, groups of friends or couples, and there’s plenty of room for everyone – Fiji is made up of 330 islands, after all! Choose from a five-star villa on a private island, a kid-friendly resort overlooking the ocean, an eco-stay that treads lightly on the land, or a backpacker hostel for adventurers on a budget. Fiji is a natural wonderland for visitors to do as much or as little as they please.

Day tours

What are holidays for if not to step away from the everyday and try something new? Day tours offer everything from zipline courses through forests, caves and canyons, to visits to natural mud pools and hot springs. Here you can cover yourself in mud, dry off in the sun, then rinse it all off with a soak in a spring ranging in temperature from warm to hot. Other tours take guests to local villages, temples and markets, or to the best snorkeling and dive sites the archipelago has to offer. Be sure to book a sunset cruise and cultural show during your stay too. It’s a fun way to cap off a perfect day.

Back to nature

We count lazing on the beach as getting back to nature, but for those looking to further immerse themselves in the great outdoors, there are opportunities aplenty. If you’ve watched World’s Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji (Amazon Prime), you’ll know that Fiji’s mountainous interior offers waterfalls, rapids and rugged trails. By all means, get amongst it on a hiking, kayaking or river rafting tour, but much of Fiji’s natural beauty can be enjoyed without going to extremes. Fiji’s beaches, national parks and marine sanctuaries give nature lovers of all kinds the chance to swim, snorkel, walk and chill out to their heart’s content, and every watersport under the sun is yours to experience if you want to.

Eating and drinking

While fussy eaters big and small are well catered for (think burgers and fish and chips), foodies will delight in trying some of Fiji’s specialties: raw fish in coconut cream and lime, tapioca cooked in coconut cream with mashed bananas and sugar, or kava (a drink made from ground pepper tree roots) prepared at a traditional ceremony. If you get the chance, sign up for a barbecue feast on the beach. Meat, seafood and vegetables wrapped in taro leaves are cooked in earth ovens known as Lovo, and such feasts are often accompanied by dancing and other cultural performances. Indian- and Chinese-inspired cuisine can be found throughout Fiji, too, reflecting the country’s multicultural heritage. Those in search of nightlife will find it in the bars of Suva and Nadi, resorts geared to partygoers, and the floating club known as Cloud 9.

Travel Insurance

If you’ve been to Fiji before, you’ll surely agree that life is better when you take more holidays and, when it comes to considering travel insurance, you’ll be keen to know what it covers.

Travel Insurance Direct can offer cover for:

  • Illness and Injury: Without travel insurance, medical bills can potentially set you back a few hundred thousand dollars. Our plans offer cover for overseas medical expenses, medical evacuation and repatriation. We also include access to 24/7 emergency assistance.
  • Stolen or lost luggage: You can encounter thieves in any part of the world, and Fiji is no exception. It’s also easy for your things to get lost or damaged when travelling. Cover is available if your bags, luggage or valuables get damaged, lost or stolen. Check the PDS for individual limits.

TID plans offer cover for loads more scenarios like these so check out what’s covered. This is a brief summary of cover only and does not include the full terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions. Read the PDS before purchasing.


I grew up in the US, Germany and Australia, so it feels more foreign for me to stay in one place than to move around. Since then, I’ve called Boston, London, Seattle, Brisbane, Madison and Sydney home for study and work as a journalist, travel writer and photographer. I specialize in adventure travel, social issues and interiors/architecture. Home is now an 1890s cottage in the Blue Mountains near Sydney. I traveled to my seventh continent last year – an action-packed expedition to Antarctica – and have memories galore of my travels. Snowshoeing in the Canadian Rockies, galloping with gauchos in Chilean Patagonia, trekking through Japan, and camel riding in Jordan are among the most memorable. My least favourite travel hiccup was being stranded in Cameroon when I should have been winging my way to Paris for a little me-time. You win some, you lose some.


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