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How to make the most of your time in South America’s Argentina

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If you had your breath taken away visiting the Iguazu Falls in Brazil, then why not swing over to the Argentinean side of the water for the full effect? But don’t leave so soon – while you’re there, be sure to explore the rest of beautiful Argentina.

Extend your South American travel from Brazil onto Argentina and experience the thrill that is this amazing country! Here are our top picks of things to do in Argentina:

1. Mendoza, Mendoza

If you like wine then you’re going to love Mendoza as it accounts for about two thirds of the country’s wine production. Enjoying delicious malbec, chardonnay and tempranillo is only half of the fun – these wineries are set against the gorgeous backdrop that is the Ande Mountains. The wineries themselves are located in high altitudes – some even reaching 609 metres!

2. Los Glaciares National Park

If you thought South America was nothing but heat and humidity then you’d be wrong! Los Glaciares National Park are home to Perito Moreno – the most accessible of the four glaciers. The park recently turned 80 years old, though it has only been a Unesco World Heritage site since 1981. It’s an exceptionally unique park as most ice caps only have an altitude of 2,500 metres or more above sea level, but not these. These glaciers are only 1,500m above sea level.

3. Buenos Aires

The capital of Argentina is one of the most vibrant cities in the world. Around every corner there is something beautiful to behold. The buildings are painted astonishing colours if they’re not covered in art, and there is almost always the scent of delicious cooking filling the air. You can find someone dancing (specifically, tangoing) in the streets or in a roaring bar.

You can’t miss out on this atmosphere, however, because it is such a tourist destination, it does have its fair share of people trying to take advantage of visitors.

Staying safe in Argentina

Now that you know all the cool places to visit, it’s important that we share the things that you’re better off avoiding. Argentina has its fair share of crime, but that said, it’s avoidable if you know how to recognise the signs of a potentially dangerous situation. Here are some of the crimes you should be wary of when travelling to South America.

The mustard scam

Be wary of people coming up to you offering to help remove “mustard” from your shirt. These people often have an accomplice who is pick pocketing you simultaneously. Politely but firmly refuse their offer to help and move away.

In general, there are many scams similar to this that professional thieves will use to distract and steal from you. Be wary of strangers approaching you no matter where you are.

Bag pick ups

Whether you are in a restaurant, hotel or just walking around, be sure to keep a close eye on your bag. Thieves target bags that aren’t directly on your person, like if your purse is hanging on the back of your chair at a cafe. Keeping your bag in your lap is the safest place.

Thieves will also try to trick you into believing they work with the hotel you’re staying at and take your bags “back to your room.” Don’t hand your bags over to anyone unless you’re positive they are with the restaurant.

When in public, make sure that your bag is closed at all times. Use a bag that is harder for them to get into, like with a zipper, versus a bag with big open pockets.

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