Who Can Buy?

You are welcome to purchase a policy with us to cover your travels, even if you are already overseas, provided you are an Australian citizen or a resident who meets the age limits of the plan selected. This includes holders of skilled working visa (including 457 and Temporary Skill Shortage visa, but not a working holiday visa); student visa; holder of a partner or spouse visa which allows you to stay in Australia for at least 2 years; or New Zealand passoport holder; all with unrestricted right of entry into Australia and access to long-term medical care in Australia.

If you need to be repatriated to Australia for medical reasons, you will need to have appropriate long-term medical cover in Australia such as Medicare or through a private health fund. We cannot cover you for medical costs in Australia as we are not registered to do so.

With our insurance, you will need to commence your trip or end your trip at your home in Australia. When purchasing a policy, simply enter the date you want the policy to commence in the 'Departure Date' and the date you want the policy to end in the 'Return Date'. If you have to change the travel dates you will need to contact us.

Please be aware, however, that if you have a claimable event requiring your return to Australia, we will use your return ticket if that reduces our costs. If you don't have a return ticket, we will deduct the cost of an economy class airfare at the carrier's regular published rates for the return trip.

Last updated: 26 October 2021

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