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Who Can Buy A Policy with Travel Insurance Direct (TID)?

You may not be entirely sold on the idea of travel insurance as much as other key essentials for your trip, such as, tourist or work visas, any relevant vaccinations, keys to your holiday accommodation, and paperwork for your trip of a lifetime. 

However, after checking out TID’s different types of travel insurance plans you may want to consider buying travel insurance for your trip to protect yourself and your loved ones. 

When it comes to the policies available with TID – The Basics, The Works, and Annual Multi Trip – all Australian citizen and residents under the age of 75 at the time the policy begins, can purchase cover.

Remember: benefits vary depending on whether you’re travelling domestically or internationally, and the plan you purchase. 

Breaking it down

Aussies who fall into the citizen and residents category include holders of skilled working visa (including 457 and Temporary Skill Shortage visa, but not a working holiday visa); student visa; holder of a partner or spouse visa which allows you to stay in Australia for at least 2 years; or New Zealand passport holder; all with unrestricted right of entry into Australia and access to long-term medical care in Australia.

If you need to be repatriated to Australia for medical reasons, you will need to have appropriate long-term medical cover in Australia such as Medicare or through a private health fund. TID cannot cover you for medical costs in Australia as we are not registered to do so.

With our insurance, you will need to commence your trip or end your trip at your home in Australia.

Purchasing a policy

When considering purchasing a policy, simply enter the date you want the policy to commence in the 'Departure Date' and the date you want the policy to end in the 'Return Date'.

If you have to change the travel dates, you will need to contact the TID Customer Service team.

Please be aware, however, that if you have a claimable event requiring your return to Australia, we will use your return ticket if that reduces our costs. If you don't have a return ticket, we will deduct the cost of an economy class airfare at the carrier's regular published rates for the return trip.

Even if you’ve left it to the last minute to buy travel insurance you can still get an instant quote for your next domestic or international adventure. Please note that there waiting periods apply when purchasing a plan while already travelling. Once you've purchased while overseas, from the time your Certificate of Insurance is issued there is a 72-hour waiting period that will apply before cover for any events begins.

Get a quote to get your next domestic or international adventure underway today. 

When does the policy begin and end?

Once you pay your premium, and we have accepted your application for insurance we will issue you a Certificate of Insurance showing the details of your policy.

Cover is available for a trip to be taken during the period of insurance (which begins from the departure date and ends at 11.59pm AET on the return date, which are shown on your Certificate of Insurance).

You have a  21 day ‘cooling-off period from the day you buy your policy to decide if the cover is right for you. If it’s not, you can cancel your policy within this ‘cooling-off period’, and we’ll give you a full refund of your premium provided that:

  • you haven’t started your trip; and
  • you haven't made a claim; and
  • you don’t intend to make a claim or exercise any other right under your policy.

Need a hand?

Our Customer Service team is always available to help you to understand the policy, and what you may be covered for. Our travel safety team at TID work to keep customers informed and publish information on major travel events on our website.


This is a brief summary of cover only. Cover is subject to the full terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions outlined in the Product Disclosure Statement.

Last updated: 26 October 2021

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