The Rise of the Sweatcation

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Fancy a hit of HIT (High Intensity Travel)? Recent research revealed that more than a quarter (27%) of Aussie travellers have taken an overseas ‘activity’ holiday, or a ‘sweatcation’, to boost their health, fitness, and wellbeing – be it for body or soul – and 35% of those surveyed saying it is something they plan to do in the future.

In line with the research, a new Global Wellness Tourism Economy report compiled on behalf of the Global Health and Wellness Summit discovered the health and fitness tourism trend is now worth a whopping AUD$462 billion a year. The GWTE predicts this is set to swell to $715.6 billion by 2017, rising at a rate nearly 50% faster than the conventional tourism market.

With this trend in mind, Travel Insurance Direct have teamed up with Health and Fitness Travel, the experts in the area, to provide a Spring/Summer guide to planning your perfect sweatcation, whether you’re seeking low impact, medium impact, or high-intensity travel!

“Healthy holidays are on the rise,” says Samantha Lippiatt from Health and Fitness Travel, an Aussie-based experts in tailored, healthy holidays. “We’re seeing more and more people come to us wanting to make their holidays about their wellbeing, and it extends beyond yoga classes and juice bars in hotels. We are seeing an increase in the over sixties wanting an active holiday as a form of preventative healthcare, as well as healthy honeymooners and families wanting to be active together.”

Mountain biking as a Sweatcation activity

Phil Sylvester, Travel Safety Expert “We know that Australians are an active bunch, and our new research shows that even on their down time they want to look after their mental and physical health and wellness. With the trend of the ‘sweatcation’ on the rise, we have put together this free guide for Aussies wanting to make the most of their next active holiday, whether it’s yoga and meditation by the pool or white water rafting followed by a session of HIT.”

Not sure which activity holiday is for you? The Sweatcation Guide, free from their website, includes a breakdown by age group, and whether you’re a family or solo traveller. When you know which sweatcation is best for you, the guide then tells you how to prepare for your activity holiday, whether it’s a digital and body detox in India or paragliding in Oman.

For families who want to do more than ‘fly ‘n’ flop’, many wellness resorts offer fitness programs and spa services that cater to both kids and adults.

The recent research showed that an incredible 74% of Australians have considered, or would consider in the future solo travelling. Solo travellers looking to meet like-minded people can head to group retreats, like the Ocean Soul Retreat in Bali, an all women retreat that combines elements of yoga, surf and spa.

Underwater yoga as part of a Sweatcation

“There’s a preconceived notion that when you go on a sweatcation you have to be already fit and healthy – that’s wrong. Some activities require a certain level of fitness, like hiking or circuit training, but the great thing about a healthy holiday is you get to try something new and find out what activities and workouts suit you best, all whilst in a beautiful new location! It isn’t just about the body; many people want to nurture their soul, practice yoga and take a digital detox. Fundamentally, a sweatcation is about coming back from holiday feeling good about yourself and energised, and hopefully having picked up some great new lifestyle changes that you can implement in your day to day life” says Samantha.

*Survey sample includes 1065 Australians who have travelled overseas in the past two years or have the intention to travel overseas in the next two years. Galaxy Research on behalf of Travel Insurance Direct conducted this research.


Travel Insurance Direct and World Nomads author Phil Sylvester offers insights and advice to keep our customers safe and informed when they travel. With 20 year’s experience, Phil has turned his journalist’s eye to the things that could take the fun out of your holiday, researching issues and destinations that keep you informed so you can travel with confidence. He is also co-host of The World Nomads Travel Podcast.


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