Bali – travel safety

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Current smart traveller advice

Travellers are reminded of the on-going high terrorism threat in Bali and Jakarta and a high level of caution is advised. There is also a high security risk in Papua and West Papua due to civil backlash and a current risk of kidnapping. It is advised to avoid these provinces.

Safety tips and advice


Credit/debit card fraud and ID theft remains to be a concern in Indonesia. A popular method used by some store owners involves swiping your card through a skimming device, enabling them to make fraudulent copies. Similarly, they may even attempt to memorise your card number to make purchases in the future.

An easy way to prevent any type of scam is to use cash whenever possible and to only take a sensible amount out with you. If you do decide to use a credit/debit card, monitor your balance closely and if you notice any suspicious activity, notify the authorities and cancel your card immediately.


As with most holiday destinations in the world, crime is unfortunately inevitable for some. The most common are those motivated by money, such as robberies, snatch and grab, and pickpocketing. Always lock your valuables away in a safe and keep an eye on your belongings at all times – especially at the beach or at a bar to minimise your risk.


Due to a number of threats and recently carried out attacks, terrorism in Bali remains at high threat. Be vigilant in large crowds, places of worship – especially during religious festivities – and if an attack should happen, leave the affected area immediately.

Laws you should know as a traveller


It is strictly forbidden to be in the possession of any drug in Bali and Indonesia offers a no-tolerance policy at all times. Penalties for drug offences, no matter how much you possess, can result in hefty fines and imprisonment. As you may already know, Bali also enforces the death penalty for drug related crime.


Gambling is illegal. A lot that does exist is often run by gangs and are tourist traps that give little to no chance of being able to win. Visitors often lose large amounts of money and gangs may use violence to settle debts.


Under Indonesian law, Australian citizens must always carry identification, such as a valid passport. Keep it secure in an inside pocket and be sure to carry copies of your passport photo. If your passport goes missing, you can use these photos to replace it easily.

Information current as of March 18, 2018. Check for the latest updates.



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