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Travel Insurance Direct launches 'Think TID' campaign, urging Australians to 'think insurance' when booking travel.

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A traveller in Queensland, Australia. Photo credit: Getty Images/John Crux Photography

Leading online travel insurance provider Travel Insurance Direct has launched a new digital campaign with a focus on young travellers and families.

The campaign mirrors the provider’s goals of simplifying the process for Australian travellers when it comes to travel insurance.

“Many young Australians, who may have travelled with their parents pre-COVID, are taking their first big trip with friends, or families are embarking on the sort of travel that they delayed because of the pandemic,” said Ali Diaper, Head of Travel Marketing, Australia and New Zealand.

Young Australians might not think about insurance when they book travel. But not having cover may have horrendous outcomes if something does go wrong. People do get sick, and without insurance, it could end up costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

And families need to be prepared. Ms Diaper said: An Australian government survey found that 68% of travellers mistakenly believe the Australian government would ensure they got medical treatment if they fell ill while travelling overseas. About 43% thought those costs would be covered by the government, which is not the case.”1

Ms Diaper said no one likes to focus on what can go wrong, on what should be a trip of a lifetime whether you’re taking that trip with friends, or heading offshore with family. These misconceptions can really take the fun out of travel.

TID’s campaign aims to present insurance in a fresh and dynamic way, moving TID up the consideration funnel to be front of mind and something people think about when they are in the planning phases of their trip.

Adding insurance into the mix at the early stage isn’t always fun, as no one likes to think about what can go wrong on holiday,” Ms Diaper added. “But the holiday really begins at the planning stage. When insurance is booked, and that’s a job that’s done and dusted, the rest of the holiday excitement can truly take hold.

Baking travel insurance into a trip’s purchase flow, as soon as a traveller buys flights or other non-refundable trip arrangements, also allows travellers to take advantage of pre-trip benefits like trip cancellation.

Our data shows that almost half of all travellers2 decide to purchase insurance 24-hours to 7-days out from departure, when they’re just about ready to go,” Ms Diaper added. “The risk is that in the weeks after paying for your trip, and before you book that insurance, something goes awry and you’re not covered for cancellation.”

Ms Diaper said about a third of TID travellers are taking trips this winter that are one to two weeks in duration; almost half are 20-39 years of age, and the most popular destinations are Bali (17%), Europe (15%) and then South East Asia (12%).3

As one of Australia’s first online travel insurance companies, TID is a leader in online sales and focuses on providing travellers with cover options that are right for them, along with 24/7 emergency assistance, anywhere in the world when it is needed most. A pure digital play, the THINK TID campaign will run across TID’s existing paid and owned channels as well as further exploring new opportunities across marketing channels such as Spotify and podcast partnerships.

“As a brand that has always attracted a wide and broad audience, the campaign should stay true to this but at the same time really capture the imaginations of our younger travellers and families alike who are looking to embark on a fun and enjoyable holiday, where we’re the ones who worry about the hard stuff should anything go wrong,” Ms Diaper added.

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* Written by CHOICE and commissioned by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) | MARCH 2023
1 CHOICE travel insurance buying guide | Smartraveller
2 47% month of June 2023 TID data
3 June 2023 TID data

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