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Before you go on your trip to China, get travel insurance cover here.

Why do I need travel insurance in China?

China is rapidly growing in popularity for more than just a business trip. A vast country size invites all types of tourism opportunities from vast farm lands and mountains to the busiest cities in the world. It has plenty to offer the world traveler. However, with natural disasters, flight cancellations and transport related mishaps there's a lot that can go wrong on your holiday to China. Let us take care of the what ifs with travel insurance, while you focus on the fun.

What does travel insurance cover me for in China?

Cover is available with different benefits with a TID travel insurance policy. Here are some of them.

emergency icon

Don't like medical bills?

Compensation for unforeseen medical expenses incurred whilst on an overseas holiday

cancellation icon

Unexpected cancellation?

Insurance if you have to cancel your trip due to unforeseeable events outside of your control (e.g. sudden illness).

lost luggage icon

Taking luggage with you?

Cover if your luggage is stolen, permanently lost or accidentally damaged due to circumstances outside of your control.

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This is a brief summary only for full terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions read our policy wording

China travel insurance FAQs

If only Hong Kong is listed on my purchased policy, will it also cover China?

We class Hong Kong as the same region of coverage as China, so therefore you will have coverage for China.

Do I need a Visa for a 48hr-72hr stopover in China on my way to Europe?

For all Visa questions, you will need to refer to Smartraveller or Australian consular assistance in China.

Will I be covered for entering Tibet?

By specifying China on the policy, this will cover you for Tibet.

Will I be covered if my Visa is denied at the entrance into China via my stay in Hong Kong?

There is a general exclusion in our policy for this, which means failure to obtain a relevant visa is not covered on the policy.

Can I choose to come back to Australia on my own accord for medical help if needed as I am worried about the standard of the hospitals in China?

You will need to contact our Emergency Assistance team, as it would need to be assessed what the best option is for you. Just keep in mind that your policy will end the moment you come back to Australia.

Read the policy wording for full terms, conditions and exclusions and to ensure the product suits your needs.

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