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What happens if I return from my trip early? | TID

No globetrotter sets off on their travels thinking we may need to cut our trip short and return home before the journey is complete. As wonderful as it is, any kind of exploration has the potential to lead to misadventure, that’s why travel insurance is important to consider when planning a holiday.

Returning home early by choice

If you return home before your policy return date, all cover under your policy ends. And for single trip policies, the policy cannot be used for any future travel.

If you need to cut your trip short for any reason, we may cancel the remainder of your policy, without a refund. This condition is detailed in our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

Cancelling outside the cooling-off period

If you request to cancel your policy outside the cooling-off period, we may, at our discretion, refund that part of your premium paid for the unused period of insurance. You cannot have started your trip, made a claim and/or intend to make a claim or exercise any other right under your policy. 

What is covered?

You are covered for this benefit under The Works, The Basics and Annual Multi Trip Plans.

We will cover you if your usual place of residence or business premises in Australia has been destroyed or rendered insecure due to a natural disaster, fire or malicious damage. Cover is limited to the additional expenses incurred in returning you to the nearest practical accommodation to your home in Australia.

What is not covered?

There is no cover where you have made a claim for the same costs under any other section of the policy.

What is the most we will pay?

The most we will pay for this benefit is shown in the Schedule of benefits for your chosen plan. Limits apply per adult traveller and are not increased for accompanying children.

Contact Emergency Assistance if you need help overseas

If you’re already travelling, contact our Emergency Assistance Team. They can help navigate what to do if you can’t travel back to Australia as planned for medical reasons, and help you access medical attention or hospitalisation if you’re sick.

Need a hand?

Our Customer Service team is always available to help you to understand the policy, what you may be covered for and any documentation you need to pick up along the way. Our travel safety team at TID work to keep customers informed and publish information on major travel events on our website.

This is a brief summary of cover only. Cover is subject to the full terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions outlined in the Product Disclosure Statement.

Last updated: 6 December 2021

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