Quad biking

Quad bikes, also known as All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV), are popular for tours and transport around the world. We have a number of customers quad biking over sand dunes, on farms, touring rice fields or as a way to get around a resort. Travel Insurance Direct covers you if you're injured on a quad bike.

In some countries, like Greece for example, you can hire a quad bike as road transport around an island. Where you are using a quad bike as a vehicle on a road, you will need to be holding an appropriate licence in the country you are travelling in as well as in Australia. Smartraveller has more information about what licences are required when driving overseas. Look up the country you are travelling to and go to the "Local Travel" tab.

The most common accident occurs when the bike flips over on top of you, so, at a minimum, you should wear a helmet and closed toe shoes. Wearing long sleeved tops and long pants can be an extra layer of protection between you, the bike and the ground.

If you get injured we look after you but not the quad bike. If you're hiring a quad bike or using it as part of a tour, make sure you know what your liability is if the vehicle is damaged or if you injure someone or their property while you are on the bike. This can be costly, and is not covered by your Travel Insurance Direct policy.

What's covered?

What's not covered?

  • racing on a quad bike;
  • professional sports, ie, you are receiving a wage, salary or appearance fee for training for or participating in the activity;
  • you, a member of your travelling party or a close relative intentionally exposing themselves to a needless risk or not taking reasonable care, except in an attempt to save a human life;
  • damage to quad bikes;
  • any search and rescue expenses; and
  • medical expenses in Australia
  • personal liability - damage you cause to someone's property or if you injure someone, resulting from your use, ownership or possession of a quad bike.

Full terms, conditions and exclusions are available in the PDS.

Last updated: 28 November 2016

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