Other delays

Your travel plans may change rapidly when your scheduled transport is affected by severe weather, natural disaster, riots, strikes or a civil insurrection. 

What to do if your travel is delayed

If you find yourself in this situation, first contact your carrier to learn what travel options you have. You should obtain written confirmation from the carrier detailing the reason for the cancellation or rescheduling of your transport in case you want to make a claim for unexpected losses.

Once you know your options you need to minimise your costs. If you know you'll be spending the night, we don’t recommend treating yourself to a 5 star hotel when the rest of your trip is 3 star, we don't cover the difference in cost arrangements above the standard you'd booked at for the rest of your trip.

Travel with confidence

Our 24 hour assistance team is always available to help you to understand the policy, what you may be covered for and any documentation you need to pick up along the way.

Our travel safety team at TID work to keep customers informed, and publish information on major events on our website.

What's covered?

Reasonable additional accommodation and travel expenses because your scheduled public transport services have been cancelled or restricted due to severe weather, natural disaster, riot, hijacking, strike or civil insurrection or hijacking.


  • You need to do all you can to avoid the expense. This sounds obvious but when you're in the moment you may decide to take matters into your own hands, incurring additional expenses that could have been avoided if you had taken the advice from the carrier.
  • Minimise expenses where possible and keep extra expenses such as food, accommodation and transport at the same standard as the rest of your trip.
  • Provide written confirmation from the carrier as to the reasons for the delay or restriction.

What's not covered?

  • If the event was something you knew, or a reasonable person in your circumstances should have known about before buying your policy.
  • Losses arising from an epidemic, pandemic, or World Health Organization declaration of a public health emergency of international concern
  • Cancellation and delays caused by the carrier for operational reasons, mechanical breakdown or maintenance are not covered under this section.

This is a brief summary of cover only and does not include the full terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions. Read the PDS before purchasing.

Last updated: 20 December 2021

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