UK Travel Safety

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Current smart traveller advice

With a heightened terrorist threat currently ongoing in the UK, tourists are advised to exercise a high level of caution in the major cities.

Safety tips and advice


Fake designer products: Popular in Europe, fake designer goods are purchased by many tourists whether in the know or not. Bags and purses are also sold alongside perfume. The seller will often have authentic testers yet sell bad-smelling dupes in the packaged boxes.

Ticket: Ticket touts stand outside a concert venue announcing that they have cheap tickets for sale. These are likely to be E-tickets and quite often are photocopies of the original. You will be refused entry with this fake ticket. Avoid falling for this trap by only buying from trusted sites and doing so in good time!

Fake beggars: Homelessness is a great issue in Europe, but how many are truly living on the streets? London is renowned for ‘beggars’ who ask for money and use sob stories to draw people in. To avoid bringing attention to yourself as someone with money on your person, it is best to steer clear.


Currently, the terrorist threat in the United Kingdom is severe. According to MI5, a terror attack is highly likely. Four attacks have occurred between March and June 2017, including three in London and one in Manchester. Officials are warning visitors to be aware of this threat, look out for suspicious behaviour and follow the advice of local security.

General crime in the major cities


Although there were a reported 81,903 crimes reported in April 2017, with 2,389 associated with robbery, the latter figure has decreased by half from 2006/2007, according to a Metropolitan Police study. Knife crime is a major factor contributing to the overall rates with an increase of 24 per cent from 2016. Visitors are warned to be vigilant, avoid suspicious areas and to make sure that personal belongings are secure at all times.


The year ending 2016 saw 1,821 crimes per 10,000 inhabitants in Glasgow, making it Scotland’s most crime-affected city. However, the number of criminal offences has decreased by 44 per cent from 2005/2006.


In April 2017, 4,050 criminal offences were recorded in Cardiff. The majority of these were anti-social behaviour and violent crimes. Through the time period of May 2016 and April 2017, it appears that overall crime rates for the city have maintained a similar pattern. In April 2017, there was only an increase of 167 crimes reported compared to the previous year.


With a lot of history and conflict between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, it is strongly advised not to talk about politics or religious views in this field. Although improvements have been noted over the years, visitors are recommended to be mindful of questions asked. If you ever feel threatened or find yourself amongst a politically fuelled atmosphere, it is best to leave.

Note: Information current as of March 18, 2018. Check for the latest updates.



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