UK – seasonality and weather

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What are the peak periods?

The summer months in the UK run from the June 1 to August 31 bringing warmer weather and longer days. However, visitors must take into account that the British school holidays also fall into this period making it busier in certain destinations. A quieter and milder time to visit would be spring. From March to May, enjoy calmer weather, still with longer daylight hours. However, rain in the spring is a common occurrence so an umbrella is necessary.

What is the weather like throughout the year?

The weather in the UK is that of a mild climate and extreme weather is very rare. You won’t find as much sun as that of Australia but the general weather conditions will not restrict you from your travel plans regardless. In the summer months, the UK reaches temperatures of around 19.7 degrees C. If visiting in the winter months, snow may fall so a degree of caution is always advised.

Getting around

What is the most cost effective way to get around?



With access to the London Underground (Tube), buses, Docklands Light Rail and the overground trains any time of the day and week, the Oyster Travelcard is an easy and obvious choice. The maximum any person can spend in a day is £6.60 (AU $11.13) – after that, it’s free!




Seeing Glasgow on foot is enjoyable and easy. However, the city’s subway system is very simple to utilise, too. Taking just 24 minutes to complete the full loop of the main stations, it is also cost effective and efficient.




Cardiff’s main attractions are all in close proximity to one another making it very easy to see the city on foot. It is also rather flat and cycling is a common and fun method of transport.



The Translink visitor pass is a great option when visiting the city. For £14.50 (AU$24.46) you can enjoy unlimited bus and rail rides for three days around the main areas of Belfast.



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