Singapore – seasonality and weather

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What are the peak periods?

Between the months of December and June tends to be the peak period in Singapore, especially in the months of January and February. This is when the Chinese Lunar New Year falls, depending on the moon’s cycle, and is the biggest celebration in Singapore. This causes hotels to be booked out well in advance and the ones that do have space, will charge higher prices.

What is the weather like throughout the year?

Singapore typically has a hot and humid climate all year round, due to being extremely close to the equator and temperatures tend to average at around 27 degrees Celsius.

Although warm weather is common, Singapore is also known for its rainfall, as it lies between two monsoon winds. The northeast monsoon arrives at the beginning of November and stays until mid-March, with precipitation reaching levels of around 272.8mm. The southwest monsoon falls between June and September. Although there are lower precipitation levels and higher temperatures, heavier rainfall periods tend to last for around two hours every morning in this period.

Getting around

What is the most cost effective way to get around?

There are many cost effective ways to get around Singapore, with the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) subway system being one. It’s one of the fastest ways to see the sights, and the most popular tourist hot spots are on the network of stops.

A great option is the Singapore Tourist Pass. This ez-link card offers tourists unlimited travel on MRT, LRT and basic bus services for the duration in which it is valid for. There are options to purchase a one, two or three day pass, all with a refundable SGD$10 deposit. For more information on pricing, click here.

Taxis are also a relatively cheap and highly efficient way to see the city. Most drivers speak English and cars are clean and comfortable. There are taxi ranks and stands around the city and are often easy to hail.

Driving in Singapore

With such convenient and cost effective public transport in the city, connecting the major tourist destinations, driving in Singapore isn’t always necessary. However, if you would like to drive in the city state, insure that you follow all rules and regulations and have a valid driving licence.



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