The most expensive visas for Australian travelers

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Traveling to a foreign holiday destination is exciting, but sometimes can come at a price – a hefty one. Nowadays, it’s the norm for many popular destinations to impose a visa or immigration fee on foreign visitors. However, there are some that are excruciatingly expensive.

Here are some you should be aware of before departing on your whirlwind overseas adventure.

1. East Africa

The East African region of Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda is a wildlife lover’s paradise. Here, intrepid explorers can witness some of the world’s most incredible animals in protected national parks. Just take Rwanda for example. As one of three places where critically endangered mountain gorillas live, it’s hardly surprising the country is expected to attract nearly 1.2 million international tourists by the end of the year (World Travel and Tourism Council data).

However, not only have they increased the price of a park permit to visit the mountain gorillas (nearly AU$2,000!), the cost of entering the region is also on the up.

To enter these popular parts, visitors must apply for the East Africa Tourist Visa. This costs US$100 (AU$137) and lasts for 90 days from arrival. It also allows multiple entries within the aforementioned countries.

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2. Bangladesh

Brimming with culture, charm and exceptional cuisine is beautiful Bangladesh. This East Asian country is a popular holiday destination – especially for those looking to enjoy the amalgamation of Indian and South Asian influences.

However, reaching Bangladesh doesn’t come without a hefty price tag – and we’re not talking flights. A single entry tourist visa will set Australian visitors back AU$150. However, it’s important to note that a double and multiple entry also costs the same.

According to the Bangladesh High Commission in Canberra, the country determines visa fees based on reciprocity. So, in simple terms, their ‘tit-for-tat’ basis is explained by our own high fees for Bangladeshi visitors!

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3. Russia

As the world’s largest country, you can bet there’s plenty to do in Russia. From awe-inspiring architecture to cultural festivals, it’s hardly surprising international visitor numbers are rising. According to the Russian Statistics Committee, in 2016 around 24.5 million people visited the Russian Federation for tourism purposes – a 11 per cent increase from 2015.

Despite positive tourism numbers, the cost of obtaining a visa isn’t looking so swell. For a single entry tourist visa, Australians can expect to pay AU$135! This is only valid for a maximum of 30 days. Want to return? Expect to pay a whopping AU$216! And, you’ll still have to pack your bags after a month.

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4. Iran

Drumroll please. And the winner of the most expensive tourist visa goes to… Iran! For a 90 day tourist visa, expect to pay AU$160. There’s also the chance to obtain a 30-day tourist visa at the airport, but this will cost AU$145. We recommend planning ahead as urgent visas can set you back AU$240!

Despite the expense, this shouldn’t put visitors off visiting this Persian paradise. Here, holiday-makers can immerse themselves in a kaleidoscope of colour at local bazaars, marvel at ancient ruins and explore stunning mosques that line paved streets.

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