How to enjoy a Italian getaway in Tuscany on a budget

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When you picture Tuscany what are the first things that come to mind? If you’re like us, perhaps it’s thoughts of rolling vineyards, bright blue skies and nothing but yellow sunshine!

Tuscany is a well-known luxurious destination, that’s for sure, but it’s not just for the rich and famous. Australian millennials can still enjoy a trip on a budget – here’s how.

Travelling Tuscany on a budget

One of the most expensive parts of the trip is undoubtedly going to be the flight. If you want to get to Tuscany on a budget, the best way is to be completely flexible. Make sure you’re booking flights well in advance – like months – of your trip. Additionally, travellers get the cheapest tickets when they are willing to travel at weird times (middle of the week, early in the morning). Expert money-savers say you can find the best deals on a Tuesday around midday but it’s also a good idea to sign up for flight deals that alert you when a sale is active so you can jump on it right away!

Next, focus on accommodation. Like the rest of Europe, there are tonnes of hostels around which are a good option against expensive five-star hotels. Even consider looking a little outside the city centre for Airbnbs and bike or bus into the city to save money. You’ll get a more authentic experience that way as well. You don’t want to stay in your hotel room the whole time anyway, there’s too much to explore.

Finally, Tuscany is brilliant because so much of it is actually free! You can walk around beautiful gardens and piazzas or just window shop – you don’t have to spend money to do the expensive tours. Of course, there are probably some big ticket items, like a luxurious wine tour, that you want to spend money on. Just make sure you put the savings aside for them.

Keeping your money safe in Tuscany

Because it’s such a famous tourist destination, there are professional thieves working the streets and they know exactly how to spot a tourist. After spending all that time researching and saving for Italy, you don’t want to spoil that hard work. Here’s how you can stay safe from theft.

Be wary of street performers

A lot of times street performers are there to do just that – perform. But pickpockets often target distracted tourists, especially those in crowds. People often let their guard down when surrounded by others and can mistake a bump or graze for someone stealing your wallet.

Keep your possessions close

Never leave your things unattended or left out in the open. Even if you’ve set your camera down on a cafe table or hung your purse on the back of a chair, someone can easily come by and snatch them away – sometimes without you even realising.

Travel with your bag closed

Always make sure your possessions are in front of your body and your bags are closed. If your bag or pants have big, open pockets you’ll be targeted as they are easy to reach into. You’ll want a bag that is harder to get into that has a zipper or a clasp. Keep the zipper facing in so you have to open the bag unzipping away from you. Finally, never keep anything (cell phones, wallets, passports, etc.) in your back pocket – you’ll won’t notice they’re gone until it’s too late.

For any of your unforeseen travel emergencies, be sure you get yourself some travel insurance before you go! You don’t have to pay a fortune for it either – Travel Insurance Direct has affordable travel insurance for your adventure!



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