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Schoolies signals the end of year 12 in academia and the start of celebrations. While thousands of youngsters still flock to the party-fuelled hotspots of Byron Bay and the Gold Coast, it seems that more and more schoolies are choosing to create unforgettable memories in a different way.

Volunteering in some of the most exotic and incredible places on earth is a great alternative to spend your schoolies.

Sri Lanka

Located south of India and boasting unspoilt coastlines and vast, ancient cities is Sri Lanka – home to a action-packed volunteer program by Projects Abroad.

Spend your schoolies living and working in some of the south-west’s smaller coastal towns for an experience you’ll never forget. Along with other schoolies from around the world, you’ll have the opportunity to live with a local host family and truly immerse yourself in the Sri Lankan culture. You’ll spend your time painting and renovating schools, working with and caring for the disadvantaged young children and running healthcare campaigns in the wider community.

In your spare time, there will be many fun social events, activities and trips to get stuck into, all while enjoying the true beauty of Sri Lanka.


Fiji remains as one of Australia’s top 10 most visited destinations, according to a Finder study, and, it comes at no surprise why. With gorgeous beaches and clear waters, who wouldn’t want to visit this beautiful country? Get one up on your schoolies mates by heading to Fiji as part of International Volunteer HQ’s incredible program.

You’ll have the opportunity to contribute to various teaching and kindergarten classes along with construction and renovation projects in Suva from Monday to Friday. Spend your weekends off relaxing on Fiji’s breathtaking beaches, exploring the island and immersing yourself in fun-filled activities – with the chance to dive with manta rays!

When heading abroad it’s always important to purchase affordable travel insurance just to be on the safe side, especially when joining in fun activities.


Another Projects Abroad programme takes place in Samoa – the paradise island north-west of Australia. This volunteer program takes place in some of the schools and kindergartens of Apia – Samoa’s colourful capital. You’ll help host and teach lessons to the young children as well as organise and implement fun and educational extracurricular activities and games. It’s a great way to interact and connect with children of a different country and to educate yourself on another culture and way of life.

Other activities will take you to local communities around Apia where you’ll immerse yourself in the heart of Samoan communities and come to love this incredible place.

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Bali is a popular hot spot for many Australians due to the sandy shores and stunning scenery being only a short plane ride away. It also happens to be the destination for one of International Volunteer HQ’s schoolies programs. Have fun in the sun and make your schoolies period a time to truly remember by choosing to take part in construction, teaching or turtle conservation programmes – just to name a few! Most take place in Ubud with plenty of opportunities to explore the surrounding beaches, waters and towns in your spare time.

Keen to stay a little longer? You can extend your stay up to 12 weeks, but remember, travel insurance is key when heading abroad to protect yourself from potential problems.

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