6 hidden gems of Germany

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If you’re planning on travelling to Germany and you’ve done your research, you probably don’t need us to tell you about Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate or Oktoberfest festivities in Munich. However, there’s so much more to this incredible country than the typical highlights.

That’s why we’ve compiled some of our favourite lesser known German spots from the quirky to the quite beautiful.

1. Cross the Devil’s Bridge at Rakotzbrücke

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In the beautiful Saxony countryside, tucked away in the Gablenz region, you’ll find a tranquil lake that is nothing short of magical. Set in the Kromlauer Park, Rakotzbrücke is the site of the mystical Devil’s Bridge, a high arched bridge whose reflection in the water creates an almost perfect circle.

2. Stroll along the ‘blue pot’ lake in Blaubeuren

Photo credit Getty/Paolo Carnassale

In picturesque southern Germany is another body of water sure to take your breath away. The Blautopf, or “blue pot,” is a startlingly azure spring that feeds into the River Blau, bordered by the historic town of Baluberen.

3. Steel yourself for the spooky Monster Kabinett in Berlin 

Berlin, known for its underground bars and secret clubs, has a number of surprising discoveries for visitors to enjoy. Down a steep staircase in the enclosed courtyard of Hackesche Höfe, you’ll descend into the Monster Kabinett – an underground world of animated mechanical creations that might have crawled out of a painting by Hieronymus Bosch. Entry is €8, but the surrealism is free.

4. Float your worries away in the Liquidrom

After the Monster Kabinett, you might feel like a more relaxing activity for your next Berlin adventure. In the neighbourhood of Möckernstraße you’ll find the futuristic Liquidrom. In the main floating pool, you can watch as colourful light displays are projected across the ceiling, while music is played for the ultimate acoustic experience underwater. For just €20 you can spend two hours in blissful repose enjoying the thermal bath and the sauna.

5. Explore the home of Frankenstein 

Less than an hour’s drive from Frankfurt is a castle shrouded in mystery. The castle of Burg Frankenstein sits atop a hill overlooking the city of Darmstadt, and was once the home of Johann Konrad Dippel, the original mad scientist. Said to have conducted various gruesome experiments and concocted strange potions, Dippel was an alchemist born in the late 17th century and is thought to have been the inspiration behind Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

6. Visit Germany’s most magical castle 

Photo credit Getty/Achim Thomae

When you first see Neuschwanstein Castle, you may feel a strange aura of déjà vu. That’s probably because this stunning building was the inspiration behind the famous Disney castle pictured at the beginning of many films. This 19th century castle was the luxury retreat for King Ludwig II of Bavaria, often referred to as the ‘fairy-tale king’ – a ruler who unfortunately never got to see the finished castle due to his mysterious death in 1886.

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