4 Indonesian Islands That Could be the “Next Bali”

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Love Bali? Did you know there are 8,443 islands that make up Indonesia?

Actually that’s just the ones that have names, no-one knows exactly how many Indonesian islands there are, but its somewhere between 17 and 18-thousand! Some of them are even more gorgeous than Bali!

With so much choice the Indonesian government has ordered “10 more Balis” in the next 4 years, and some of the pristine islands are already seeing development activity.

Here are Travel Insurance Direct’s 4 favourites – and you can go there now!

Bintan Island

Bintan Island
To be honest, this is already super popular. Just a 45 minute boat ride from Singapore it has a number of resorts, including a Club Med. Not discovered by Aussies, but Singaporeans love it.

Mandalika, Lombok Island

Lombok is no big secret any more being so close to Bali, but in comparison to the holiday island it is almost deserted… ok, not really, but apart from the Gilli islands off the coast of the main island there are very few tourists.

If you’re chartering a boat to get you there rather than taking a ferry, check the skipper is licensed and has proper safety equipment onboard, including a life jacket for every person.

Thousand Islands, Jakarta

Thousand Islands
Not quite a thousand, more like 110 of them. They start just a couple of hundred meters offshore of Jakarta and stretch 45km out into the Java Sea. 11 of them have resorts, some are privately owned, 2 are reserved as national parks.

Belitung, Sumatra

Once known as Billiton – the source of the Aussie mining giant’s name BHP Billiton – the tin mines are closed and the welcome sign is out for adventure travelers. This is about as close to paradise as you can get. Some of the smaller islands offshore have white sand the consistency of fine sugar.


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