Majority of Australians unsure what country they are covered for The Daily Telegraph

Aussie travellers uncertain what countries their travel insurance covers

Where do you stand with medical costs on cruise ships?

Aussies are really embracing the cruise life. But there is something you need to understand before you set sail. It could save you thousands.

What the laptop ban means for your travels

Passangers have expressed frustration at a new ban on electronic devices on flights.

London terror attack: What travellers need to know

Escape | News Corp

The latest terror attack to strike Londaon has left locans and visitor reeling.

Personal Electronics Devices travel restrictions

Travel expert weighs in on Middle East device ban.

Electronics ban

Escape News Corp

What the electronics ban on flights to the UK and US means for travellers

Travel advice

Channel 9 | The Today Show

The Today Show turns to TID for travel tips and advice. TID Travel Safety Specialist, Phil Sylvester, drops by to have a chat with Karl, Lisa and the team about popular destinations Aussies visit to escape the winter cold.

Vanished Without A Trace

Network 10 | Studio 10 

We've brought back travel expert, Phil Sylvester, to share some tips on how to avoid dangerous situations overseas.

Top 10 reasons your travel insurance could be rejected

The Daily Telegraph

NOTHING epitomises a holiday more than a cocktail by the pool, but before you go crazy at happy hour, consider this — most travel insurers won’t cover you if you’re drunk.

They shouldn’t try to cover up the truth

IT’S meant to be one of the happiest times of the year, but unfortunately the hugely popular Thai New Year festival of Songkran has a startling dark side.

What you need to know about travelling to Europe 

Today Show | Channel 9

TID Travel Safety Specialist Phil Sylvester has a chat with the Today team about travelling to Europe

Travelling to Europe in the wake of the attacks in Brussels

Advice for Australians with travel plans to Belgium following the recent terror attacks in Brussels

Travel Essentials

Network 10 | Studio 10

Heading off on a holiday means more than just opening a suitcase, throwing in some clothes and rushing off to the airport. TID travel safety expert Phil Sylvester, joins us on the couch to talk about the travel essentials. 

Diamond Princess Cruise Ship Struck With Gastro

HuffPost Australia

Yet another gastro outbreak on a cruise ship, read Phil Sylvesters health tips for people travelling on cruise ships.

The Zika virus threat

Sunrise  | Channel 7

World Health Organisation warns of an "explosive outbreak". TID Travel safety expert, Phil Sylvester discusses how to stay safe.

Australian couple never expected such a small thing to ruin their Bali holiday

Michael and Kathy were just four days into an idyllic Balinese holiday when they decided to head to their hotel pool to relax. The couple from the NSW South Coast didn’t realise this simple trip would be the moment their holiday would turn into a nightmare.

Top Travel Scams

Studio 10 | Network 10

Phil Sylvester, TID Travel safety expert joins Studio 10 to talk about the top scams to look out for while you're travelling.

Travel Troubles

Today Show | Channel 9

Travel safety expert Phil Sylvester talks about travelling in 2016.

Ripped off in Rome: A warning for tourists

The Herald Sun

Aussie traveller Wesley Taylor who got ripped off when he was in Italy.

Fiji scams: A warning for tourists in urban areas

Sadly, everywhere in the world there are people who will try to take advantage of a good-natured tourist.

Conned in Cuba: The simple scams tourists are falling for

By the time I realised I’d been conned, it was too late.

Passengers targeted in a ‘bullet scam’ by staff at Manila airport

The Daily Telegraph

The role of airport security is to confiscate dangerous items from luggage, but travellers have recently found the opposite is true.

Groundhog day for Aussie travellers in Bali as second volcano blows

Aussies stranded by the latest round of volcanic eruptions in Bali face another day in limbo with Ngurah Rai Airport not due to reopen till nearly midday today.

War-torn zones and uninhabited volcanic islands: The top five unusual places Aussies are visiting

We’re all for trying to discover the perfect secret holiday location before the hordes of tourists populate the beaches and ram up the prices.

Instagram-worthy spots that can kill you

The Daily Telegraph

Instagram addicts might argue that the photo-sharing and social networking service is a harmless pursuit.

Tips For Aussie Travellers Ripped Off Overseas

HuffPost Australia

Australians are continuing to be stung by unwanted fees when travelling overseas, losing hundreds of dollars unnecessarily.

4 Weird-As Travel Insurance Claims

Karrry On

Fortunately the majority of holidays go off without a hitch, but sometimes things do go wrong – and spectacularly so.

Travel Tips for Aussie Adventurers

HuffPost Australia

Australia is a nation of reckless risk takers when travelling overseas, with a new study revealing 40 per cent of us fail to buy or check travel insurance before throwing ourselves into adventures.

Bali holidaygoers know it pays to get 'delay' cover in travel insurance

Australian Financial Review | AFR

Failing to understand the terms of your holiday policy can further sour vacation misfortune.

Transaction fees hitting travellers hard…and we’re just accepting it


New research released by (TID) Travel Insurance Direct has revealed the extent to which international bank fees and other charges are hurting Australian travellers.

Australians robbed overseas in terrifying attacks

Every week, an average of 19 Australians are robbed overseas with many having their holidays plunged into chaos as a result.

Woman drugged in holiday ordeal

A shaken couple is desperately trying to warn unsuspecting tourists of the dangers of partying in Spain following a nightmare holiday ordeal.

Is it safe to visit Thailand if the bomb blast was targeting tourists?

The Daily Telegraph

Australians are likely to return to Thailand despite persistent travel warnings and the latest targeted attack on one of Asia’s most popular tourist destinations.

‘She didn’t have to die’: Why everyone needs to know Cheznye’s story 

Travel safety expert at Travel Insurance Direct Phil Sylvester warns there’s a particular problem in Bali where the “tourist invasion” has opened up the market for backyard distillers. Here are his tips to avoid methanol poisoning.

Insurance advice for Bali travellers

Ch 7 News SydneyTravel Weekly 

With a majority of flight services now fully resumed between Australia and Bali following a hectic week of delays, travel insurance firms are preparing to be inundated with claims.

Don't skimp on travel insurance

Money Magazine

If there’s one lesson to be learnt from the latest flight disruptions out of Bali, that would be not to skimp on travel insurance. Thousands of Australians continue to be stranded in Bali due to the volcanic ash cloud from Indonesia’s Mount Raung.If you don’t have the right travel insurance, or none at all, this kind of disruption could leave you with a nasty unplanned dent in your bank account.

Best new hot spots for family holidays

SMH Traveller

This is traditionally the time of year for three types of family holidays: beach bunnies seek the sun in Bali or Fiji; expats go to Europe or the US, and hibernators head for Hobart or the Blue Mountains. But, according to research by Travel Insurance Direct  (see, based on policies taken out by families over the past three years, these are soon to be the hot spots for a mid-year break.

Travelling advice during the Greek Financial Crisis


DFAT has today warned travellers to make sure they have more than one means of payment and that they have enough money to cover emergencies and unexpected delays in accessing cash during the Greek Financial Crisis. TID travel safety specialist, Phil Sylvester explains what travellers need to know while travelling in Greece.

Capture The World And TID Team Up To Showcase The Wonders Of The World


TID (Travel Insurance Direct) has today announced a partnership with Melbourne based filmmaker, Eddie Hobson, who has created the video and photography project, Capture The World.

The 10 commandments for Aussies travelling to the UK for sport

The Vine | Karry On

There is a lot happening in the UK this year, especially when it comes to sport. With that in mind we've put together the 10 commandments you need to follow to have the best trip possible and are prepared for any and all situations, as well as making sure you aren't one of those yobs that give the fanatics a bad name.

10 weirdest hotels around the world

Karry On | Studio10 

Whether you are keen to share your breakfast with a giraffe, snuggle up on a bed made of ice (keep your Long Johns on) or sleep in an automobile, this list of the world's 10 weirdest hotels has you covered. 

8 unusual places to have the ski holiday of a lifetime

The Vine

Niseko, Queenstown, Whistler and Val d’lsére – these are the names that come to mind when you imagine planning an overseas holiday to the snow. But why not make 2015 the year to travel, and ski, outside your comfort zone. Travel Insurance Direct suggest putting one of these eight destinations on your list of must-ski slopes from around the world.

Travel tips during international disasters


Travelling has its perks and every now and then it has its sudden and incredibly frightening downfalls – international disasters being the biggest one.

Travel to Turkey: How travellers can stay safe during the ANZAC anniversary

Yahoo! Total Travel

With Turkey anticipating a record number of travellers to visit the site during the anniversary year, here are TID’s top tips for staying safe while travelling through this rich and historic country.

10 things that have changed in 10 years of travel

Yahoo! Total Travel

We’re travelling in a very different world than we were 10 years ago. Low cost carriers have made travel more accessible than ever, not to mention the digital revolution has made light work of research and online bookings. To celebrate our 10th birthday, we've taken a long hard look at the last 10 years and the 10 ways travel has changed.

Overseas laws you didn't realise you were breaking

Rules were made to be broken, but when you’re a traveller in a foreign country, not understanding the local laws could land you in some serious trouble. We explore some of the stranger rules from around the world to make sure ‘jail’ doesn’t become a destination on your trip itinerary.

10 people who inspired us to travel

Yahoo! Total Travel

From writers to documentarians, there’s a handful of travellers who have helped foster our passion for travel. To celebrate our 10th birthday, we have compiled a list of the 10 real and fictional heroes who have inspired our team of passionate travellers to get out and see the world.

Travel insurance: common mistakes and pitfalls to look out for

SMH Traveller

First piece of advice: read the fine-print. Second piece of advice: read the fine-print. Traveller's Ben Groundwater speaks with TID's travel safety specialist, Phil Sylvester on what you need to know about your travel insurance policy.

Holiday hell in Thailand: John Capretta tells his story

John Capretta was over the moon when he landed in Thailand for the trip of a lifetime. So when he fell over and cut his ankle, it seemed like a minor setback. Sure, it wasn’t the ideal way to start his holiday, but after a few stitches he thought nothing more of it. Little did he realise that things were about to get a whole lot worse, and that this simple accident would end up wreaking havoc on his tropical trip, and his health.

New year, new destinations: Where to travel in 2015

MTV Australia

Forget Bali this holiday season, we've put together a list of must-see travel destinations to tick off your bucket list in 2015. From quad biking in Greece to scuba-diving in Panama, we teamed up with Travel Insurance Direct's resident travel expert, Phil Sylvester to wrap up 10 of the best quirky, fun and under-the-radar holiday spots you need to see this summer. You're welcome!

Top tips for travelling alone in 2015

Yahoo! Travel

“You only live once” is the growing attitude amongst Australians in the quest to live life to the fullest. This attitude change is leading an increasing number of Aussies to embark on solo adventures overseas from Bali, to Europe, the USA and Nepal. According to a new survey conducted by, 32 per cent of Australians are planning to embark on a solo adventure in 2015.

Getting to know: TID safety specialist, Phil Sylvester

Karry On

Phil Sylvester, Travel Insurance Direct’s safety expert, recalls that time he came face-to-face with a charging elephant and talks future plans to explore Mexico’s cenotes.

Terrorism threats: what travellers need to know

Yahoo Travel

The recent terrorist attacks in Paris and Istanbul have raised questions around the potential danger of traveling to these areas. Travel Insurance Direct explains what travellers need to know about staying safe in the current travel climate.

Santa's travel insurance list


It’s the most highly anticipated trip of the year. So it’s no surprise Santa takes out travel insurance to ensure he’s covered if the unexpected occurs on his round the world adventure. Travel Insurance Direct has set the tinsel straight with some unforeseen events both you and Santa might face when travelling this festive season.

The 9 most dangerous animals you're likely to encounter on your travels | The Australian

Travel Insurance Direct has collated the nine most dangerous animals you're likely to encounter while on holiday, based on claims from the last 36 months. While some may be furry, they are not all friendly. These are the ones you need to worry about when you head overseas.

Lightning strikes: world's biggest hot spots | The Courier Mail

They say lightning never strikes twice. But that’s a bit hard to believe when you look at the countries around the world where there are more lightning strikes per hour than there are minutes in the day.  Here are TID's top seven most electrifying destinations and how to stay safe if you’re planning a visit. 

Bucket drinks: the shock Schoolies danger | The Advertiser

Getting leglessly drunk during Schoolies Week is regarded as a dubious right of passage for many teens. But TID is appealing to parents to make sure their kids understand the physical and financial implications of cutting loose.

Holidays with teenagers

Traveller - Sydney Morning Herald

Ah, teenagers. Those spotty, surly, sardonic creatures. Suddenly, your family holiday is changed by the teen in the corner, who now has a fondness for sleeping and technology. Taking teens travelling need not be all worry and no fun for parents or children, writes Tracey Spicer.

The 6 spookiest places in the world

The Courier Mail | Herald Sun |

What better day than Halloween to get totally spooked out by some of the world’s creepiest places. Check out TID's list of the 6 spookiest spots in the world and some tips on what's covered by travel insurance should things go eerily wrong.

TID travel tips for destination weddings

Listen to the 2GB Wedding Show

With the average cost of a wedding in Australia ranging from $32,600 to $60,000, its little wonder couples are whisking their wedding guests overseas to celebrate their nuptials in the tropical havens of Fiji, Bali or Santorini. But planning a destination wedding involves more than just sipping mojitos beneath your bridal cabana. Find out how you can ensure your nuptials are unforgettable (for all the right reasons).

The surprising side of schoolies | The Daily Telegraph | The Australian

Some young Australians are choosing to shun the typical end-of-school celebrations, opting for something dramatically different from their hard-partying peers. With the support of Travel Insurance Direct, Claudia Snell and 19 of her fellow school-leavers, raised $50,000 and headed to Cambodia to work with charity organisation, Tabitha Cambodia. Their work helped change the lives of 150 villagers forever.

What we can learn about travel from the movies

Yahoo Travel

Movies are a brilliant form of escapism. More than just being an easy way to spend a few hours, they can actually teach us a lot about the world – we just have to be willing to learn. Here are some of the lessons you might have missed from the movie greats. 

Top tips for travelling when pregnant

Karry On 

Shortly after announcing her pregnancy in September 2014, Kate Middleton’s first solo overseas trip was cancelled due to morning sickness. Here’s what you need to consider when travelling while pregnant.

Topless selfies – are you covered if you’re uncovered?

Ninemsn Travel | eGlobal Travel

In July 2014, #thetoplesstour hashtag gained international attention for inspiring travellers to take a topless photo while on location (with their backs to the camera, of course). But could a single snap of you without your kit on land you in hot water? 

Australians in Vietnam – the accidental criminals 

Yahoo Travel

You hire a motorbike while in Vietnam and your dream of touring the country from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh is finally fulfilled. But there’s one little problem – you’re actually committing a crime. Here’s why. 

Aussie tourists warned about Bali moonshine, ‘Arak’

SBS News | Herald Sun  | The Daily Telegraph 

Following the Seven Network’s documentary, What Really Happens in Bali, Travel Insurance Direct’s safety special, Phil Sylvester warns tourists about the risks of being poisoned by locally distilled alcohol in Bali. 

Top tips for travelling alone from a travel safety expert

The Courier Mail | | The Australian

Australians have an innately adventurous nature. So, when it comes to travelling solo, it’s no surprise young Aussies and female travellers are leading the trend. Travel Insurance Direct’s safety specialist, Phil Sylvester offers several tips for travelling solo, the most important being: do it! 

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