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Why you should consider travel insurance for domestic trips

Why you should consider travel insurance for domestic trips

When heading overseas, purchasing travel insurance for your trip is a no brainer but a lot of people aren’t sure why they may need it when travelling domestically. Even if you’re not going too far, things can still go wrong on trips close to home so cover can be just as important!

Why do I need domestic travel insurance?

Buying a policy for a long weekend or just a week might seem weird, but you may want to protect your bookings and your belongings – especially if you're flying or renting a car.

What am I covered for?

All the things that can go wrong overseas can still happen at home. TID domestic insurance has many of the same benefits that our international policies cover, without cover for some things, like overseas medical bills.


If you've booked a hotel or a tour and have to head back home because a family member suddenly becomes ill, for example, cover may be available for unused accommodation and transport.

Car Rental

If you're thinking of hiring a car and taking an Aussie road trip, domestic insurance can cover some of the car hire excess if your rental vehicle is damaged or stolen.

Medical Evacuation

While our policies don’t cover medical expenses or the cost of treatment in Australia, (Medicare covers hospital stays, doctors' services and outpatient care) domestic travel insurance also offers cover for additional accommodation and transport by road or air if you need to be evacuated for medical reasons.

Coronavirus Travel Costs

This benefit covers eight specific events related to Coronavirus (COVID-19), such as contracting the virus causing you to cancel the trip or requirement to quarantine as a result of your diagnosis; a healthcare worker's leave being cancelled due to coronavirus; or you being denied boarding due to your suspected infection with coronavirus.

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