Thursday, December 22, 2022 11:50:00 AM

Due to civil unrest and protests, a nationwide State of Emergency and local curfews have been imposed in Peru.

The civil unrest in Peru is now widely reported in the media and any policies that may offer cover for events relating to the civil unrest will no longer offer cover for claims that arise from any associated civil unrest for policies purchased after:

2.00pm AEDT on Thursday 15 December 2022

If you’re already travelling

If you’re a Travel Insurance Direct customer/traveller and are currently affected by this event, please contact our Emergency Assistance team as soon as it’s practicable and safe to do so.

For the latest advice on travel in Peru, visit Smartraveller.

If you’re planning to travel to Peru

If you have a policy which lists Peru as a destination your policy can continue to offer cover in line with the policy terms and conditions, you must be aware that policy exclusions still exist:

• for choosing to travel to or remain in a destination where there are Do Not Travel warnings in place;
• All other terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions continue to apply.

Before planning travel, please check the government advice applicable to your policy and monitor media coverage.

If you have any other queries, please get in touch.

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