Top 5 family-friendly activities around Seminyak

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Heading to Bali…with the whole family? If your final destination is the resort haven of Seminyak, you might be quietly panicking whether there will be enough to keep the whole family entertained beyond the beach.

Thankfully, you’ll be glad to hear that there are plenty of activities you can enjoy as a family in this beautiful part of Bali. Here are our top five.

Totem Room Escape Challenge Bali

One for those with older kids, the Totem Room Escape Challenge is the perfect combination of brain-teasing puzzles and high-stakes excitement. Choose from one of four escape rooms with themes such as Ancient Egypt and Mission Impossible, and put your heads together as a family to find a way out!

Museum Trick Art 3D

A great way to spend a morning or afternoon in Seminyak, the Museum Trick Art 3D features a number of fun, interactive works where you and the kids can crack a smile and snap a photo or two. Admire the works of trick eye art depicting pirate ships, Balinese jungles and temples, and join the picture for a memorable photo.

From prising open a shark’s jaws and looting a bank safe to mountain trekking and sailing the canals of Venice, there’s no limit where your imagination and some clever artwork can take you!

La Laguna

Set in the beautiful vicinity of the Berawa Beach, La Laguna is a cheery, vibrant venue with a gypsy caravan theme sure to enchant the whole family. Sit out on one of the colourful couches on the lawn, or go for a stroll across the lagoon bridge toward the beach. If you’re taking the family, we recommend visiting around lunch, as La Laguna turns into a more club-type atmosphere towards sunset.

Bali Safari and Marine Park

For an exciting animal encounter during your family holiday, head to the Bali Safari and Marine Park. Rather than being laid out like a traditional zoo, the park was designed as a safari experience where you can hop in a safari tram and drive alongside lions, rhinos and zebras.

You’ll also have the chance to spot some rarer species such as the orangutan, Komodo dragon and Bali mynah on your visit, so make sure you bring along your camera! Another unique experience offered by the Bali Safari and Marine Park is the Tsavo Lion Restaurant, where you can sit down to a delicious meal in a dining room with panoramic windows that provide a 360 degree view of the lion enclosure – thrilling stuff!

While this last attraction isn’t strictly located in Seminyak, you can easily catch the dedicated shuttle bus service from either the Trans Hotel or The Breezes Hotel. Be sure to reserve your place ahead of time.


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