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When it comes to travel, there are times you really don’t mind lumping your gigantic backpack around or winding your suitcase through a crowded airport or train station. Then there are the time when you realise you’re a tiny bit over it and want a holiday that’s easy but still amazing. This is where a cruise really shines.

Everything is taken care of for you, like your itinerary, meals and accommodation, and you don’t have to unpack a suitcase in a new hotel room every few nights. You get to see beautiful places and have an adventure while relaxing in total comfort. To help you get your cruise on, here are the top five cruise destinations from around the world.


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A cruise in Alaska is something you won’t forget in a hurry. Imagine gliding along bright blue water past towering snow-capped mountains and dramatic scenery straight out of ‘Into The Wild’. Seriously, it’s so beautiful! You get to explore national parks and glaciers, go dog sledding and spot wildlife like bears and whales. Your best bet is to visit between May and September, with June being the typical peak season. When it comes to choosing who to go with, take a look at Princess Cruises and Royal Caribbean or Silversea for all-out luxury!


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The best way to see Europe is by taking to the sea and Croatia offers up one of the most magical spots to do just that! Climb aboard a ship and spend your days soaking in the sunshine, marvelling at the jagged coastline adorned with pretty villages and castles or taking a dip in a hidden cove, swimming in the sparkling blue water. Spend your nights enjoying great company, amazing food and a few delicious cocktails too. A Croatia cruise can take you from Split to Dubrovnik, for example, with a fun party vibe. The best time to go? Summer in Croatia is gorgeous, so June, July and August are your best bet. Check out Thomson Cruises and Katarina Line for great Croatia cruises.


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It may have popped up on your bucket list for other reasons, but Norway should definitely be a frontrunner for anybody considering a cruise. Pack your bags and set sail for Norway’s impossibly beautiful Fjords, carved by ancient glaciers over many, many years. If you get lucky and visit in winter, you may even get a chance to spot the stunning Northern Lights. The best time to visit, though, is probably June through to mid-August. A cruise here will immerse you in the raw beauty of nature, taking you past fjords and glaciers, waterfalls, lakes and cliffs. If you’re going, please take me with you. Take a peek at Costa Cruise and Hurtigruten for great cruise options.

Greek Islands

If island hopping sounds like a dream to you, then a cruise through the Greek Islands may be just the ticket. Allow me to set the scene for you; sparkling blue water, delicious golden sun, crisp white and blue villas set in the cliffs and that unforgettable feeling that life is perfect. The islands of Greece offer up a picture-perfect playground for travel-lovers, with the best times to visit being July and August. Spend your days swimming, eating, relaxing and soaking it all in. Try Princess Cruises and Royal Caribbean for cruise inspiration.

Halong Bay

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If budget is a factor, Halong Bay offers up an amazing option for travel lovers. Vietnam as a destination is very affordable, providing amazing food and drink in a warm, welcoming setting. Cruises in Halong bay range in price and you tend to get what you pay for, but the budget options really are fantastic. Try visiting in March and April or September and October to get the best weather. Spend your days winding through the 1,600 islands and limestone pillars of Halong Bay, eating fresh seafood and exploring natural wonders. Try Paradise Cruises for luxury and Paloma Cruising for a budget-friendly option.


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