A Sicilian Family Experience

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This article was written by Brenda Pomponio – Founder, Our Family Travels

With the travel landscape experiencing some rapid change in the way services are offered and carried out it is not surprising that for the family travel sector we have also seen some incredible advancements.

Families that are travelling with their children are yearning for experiences that can enrich the whole family, not just a few members.  Off the beaten tracks and immersion into a new culture are now at the top of many parents wish list when they travel abroad.  Until recently, this has been hard to accommodate.

As a mother who loves to travel as a family, the planning, researching and working out what can best fit my children and all of us, is at times a struggle. We want to get the best out of a destination yet have the flexibility we need in order to nurture our children.  During our travelling we have often left things to the last minute only to find out we can’t book a tour or have missed opening hours of a certain experience.  Finding the off the beaten track experiences are hard unless you have a local willing to help you along.

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It is not surprising to find that companies such as Wanderjack and Our Family Travels are empowered to change all that.

As a result a beautiful project called “Heartfelt Travellers Lust Different Roads”  will see the collaboration between Italy and Australia in telling a real trip in Sicily experienced by an Australian family – Us! There is now a beautiful way a family can enjoy Sicily without the stress of finding these unique experiences themselves.

Our Family Travels and Wanderjack are two amazing travel-related businesses and when we discovered each other last year in 2017 it was apparent our vision and mission to inspire heartfelt travel was a passion we shared.  Both myself and Elena (Director of Wanderjack) are passionate about inspiring travel which allows families to experience a destination with expert local knowledge, supporting authentic and sustainable businesses.  All aspects of the experience at taken care of, such as transfers, accommodation and daily experiences.  The experiences are real local experiences and selected to suit your own personal needs – in this case for a family with young children.

Wanderjack, who creates the travel experience, aims at transforming the travellers trip into an experience that focuses on emotions, culture and nurtures the curious minds.  The Sicilian Adventure they have planned for my family include staying in boutique farm stays, culture experiences, food market trips and adventure walks to the volcano!  We cannot wait and we invite you to follow our journey.

We will be sharing this journey through Our Family Travels digital platform and you can follow us on Instagram at @ourfamily_travels and @wanderjack_italy

For more information about Wanderjack Experience Packages please visit their website


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