What does travel insurance cover?

Before you jump in that Uber to the airport make sure you’re covered for the random stuff that could go wrong on your holiday.

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We take care of the what ifs.

Totally random & unpredictable stuff can go wrong when you’re on holiday, we call these ‘what ifs’. You focus on the fun, we’ll take care of the what ifs.

What happens if I get injured?

We cover Overseas Medical Expenses including hospitals, ambulance, doctors.

What if lose my stuff?

We cover luggage items up to $700 per item and you can always add extra cover for your fancy stuff.

What if my flights canceled?

We cover Additional Expenses, due to bad weather, natural disaster, riot, strike or civil commotion.

What if my bags are delayed?

With airline or other carrier delays, we’ve got you covered for essential items to tide you over.

What if I need to cancel my trip?

We’ve got you covered for cancellation costs due to unforeseeable events outside of your control.

What if I lose my Passport?

We’ve got you covered for reasonable costs for the replacement of documents, overseas.

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What’s covered & what’s not covered.

We cover most of the essential stuff when you’re on holiday, like overseas medical treatment, cancellation, luggage and more. We don't cover everything, so it’s important you understand the policy exclusions and read our PDS.

Frequently asked questions.

Need some quick answers? Here are some of our most asked questions about cover.

If you have to cancel your trip before you even go on it, we can offer cover for the value of pre-paid transport and accommodation costs.

If flights are cancelled or delayed due to severe weather or a natural disaster we can offer cover for additional travel and accommodation expenses that are incurred as a result of it.

We can offer cover for the cost of emergency medical, hospital, road ambulance or other treatment you actually and necessarily receive overseas during the trip because you suffer a sudden illness or serious injury overseas during your trip.

We can offer cover for luggage and personal effects that are stolen, permanently lost or accidentally damaged during travel. We can automatically cover the depreciated value up to $700 per item/set, but if you are carrying a laptop, iPad/ tablet, camera or video camera, the item limit is increased to $4,000 per item under The Works, Annual Multi Trip and Domestic plans/ $2,000 per item under The Basics plan. Mobile phones are subject to the $700 item limit. Unless you have specified your stuff for an additional premium at the time of policy purchase, depreciation will apply. The maximum amount we will pay under each plan is listed under the benefits table in the PDS.